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  1. Both of my adult cats love bite. Abby (Maine Coon) will rub her head against me, usually when she’s on the top shelf of the cat tree and I’m walking by. She reaches out and tries to snag me with her paw or claw (never destructive). She’ll purr, tilt her head so she can get scratches and periodically will give a gentle love bite on my hand. When I stop giving her love and try to walk away, she’ll still reach out to make me stay and give more luvins. It’s really sweet.

    Shadow (Chartreux), on the other hand, will rub against my legs. He’s not much into the head scratch, but prefers cheek area scratches and long, smooth strokes under the chin. He’ll usually jump up on the bed while I’m watching TV for his fussing up, and sometimes will also give me the gentle love bite. It’s kind of funny in his case since he’s got no teeth except for his canines. The meaning is still there and when he tires of being fussed on, he’ll just put his paw out to my hand or arm and that’s my cue that he’s had enough.

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