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  1. Our cats DO love us. Why else would they stay around? They have the option to fly past unprepared people who open the outside doors.

    I know my cats love me just in the ways they express themselves to me. Not only do they do the traditional expressions of love, they each have extras they like to share.

    Rex, my seven-year-old pin-striped mellow gentleman, likes to put his paws on either side of my foot while stretching. He is imitating me reaching my hands to him in the way we do to pick up a child. He likes to pat my leg with his tail when he rubs against me. Once he has rubbed past my leg, if he doesn’t pat me, he will raise the rear leg closest to me and pop it straight out behind him. He likes to make me laugh by dancing around with his back arched and his tail curled in an “S” shape. He looks like the Greek letter Pi, so I call it Pi-ing or Doing the Pi. He will also reach for me when I come near him when he is lying down. He likes to sleep on his back and will smile at me when I come into the room. Note: He only does these things for me, no one else in my family gets his special treatment, even though he loves them too.

    Cleopatra, my one-year-old “wild” child, is super loving. When she is not racing around the house playing, she is overly affectionate. She will climb in my lap and head butt my face. If my face is too far away, she will reach out her hand and touch my cheek. She always purrs when touched and will nibble on my nose or cheek while making up dough. If she wants my attention, she will stretch up my leg and make up dough on my pants. (not always a pleasant feeling) Occasionally, she will purr so much that she drools. She loves to wash me and my human family. She will stop in mid attack just so she can clean my hand/fingers. She even smiles when we speak to her. When she was smaller, she would sit on my shoulder and reach for my cheek.

    There is no one on Earth who can convince me that my cats do not love me. Why else would God have blessed us with them?

  2. I don’t need my cats to love me. The fact that I love them suffices.
    We seek each other out multiple times during the day for companionship, just interacting and play. This is a home of mutual companionship. I only have the upper hand because I can open the can of food.

    • Cool answer. I like that. That said a lot of people search for an answer to whether their cat loves them. We don’t really know because the word love is fairly abstract anyway and flexible combined with the cat’s skill at hiding emotion. I believe cats have more similarities to humans at an emotional level than we currently understand.

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