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  1. Over the years, we had two cases of obese cats with diabetes – one was 26-lbs, the other was 28-lbs. Both were very sweet, but only ate low-grade dry food. One cat had a senior owner who passed and the other was a stray who hung around a senior center and all the residents fed it.

    Under careful observation and vet care, both were put on proper diets and medication for the duration. The heavier cat actually dropped massive weight over a long time, ended up around 13-lbs., became insulin-free and was adopted to an experienced woman who was a nurse.

    Unfortunately, the other didn’t survive even after all the care given. The diabetes was so far gone, even with the careful vet care it got, its heart just couldn’t cope and it died from a heart attack, onset by the diabetes and obesity. As I recall, a number of shelter volunteers cried (myself included). Such a sweet cat to come to such a sad end.

    • Thank you Gail for commenting and telling the story. Anyone who has commented about feline diabetes being caused by dry cat food have always mentioned a full-time diet of low-grade dry cat food as you have. Low-grade dry cat food on a full-time basis seems to be a dangerous diet which can lead, as you attest, to a shortened lifespan for a beautiful cat. As you say, a sad end.

      • What people also need to understand is that it’s not just low-grade dry cat food and diabetes. Even a sole diet of high-grade dry food is not good. Besides diabetes, other maladies include obesity, urinary tract diseases (like interstitial cystitis (FIC) and urolithiasis), chronic kidney disease (cats don’t drink a lot of water, unlike dogs), poor dental health, potential cancer risks. I’ve included a link (one of many) explaining why a strict diet of dry cat food in unhealthy. Please people, take this seriously. We are the caretakers of our feline family. They depend on us.


        • Thanks Gail. You are right of course. It is just that it seems to me that slightly lazy or very lazy cat caretaking on a low budget results in low-grade dry cat food being the sole diet. It might be arguable that people who are on low incomes and perhaps you are not as well educated as they might be are predisposed to providing exclusive low-grade dry cat food for their cat. Is that fair?

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