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Do Cats Sulk? — 10 Comments

  1. Yes cats are sentient but sulking is a human trait! Cats don’t sulk, only petty immature humans sulk.
    Cats are far more open and honest than people are, if they don’t like something they let you know straight away.

  2. What is the expression on this cats face ? This is one of the luckiest stray cats in Mumbai that resides in “Joggers Park” garden in a plush upscale locality. She gets fed daily with packaged cat food by a cat philanthropist lady .I happened to be at this garden yesterday and was amazed at this stray garden cats behaviour towards this particular lady. After eating the “Cat pellet food” she followed the lady like a pet dog, also sitting on a garden chair next to her. I clicked this photo after the lady left the garden and the cat feeling lonely and trying to befriend me.

    • I think he is a smart cat. He looks smart. He is looking at the camera with a “knowing look” as if he knows what is going on. He is slender. A calico moggie. He has an “oriental’ (slender Oriental Shorthair) appearance. Large ears. I think he has a polydactyl paw (front right).

      I like seeing photos of Asian cats because they are slightly different to random bred cats in the West.

  3. in reading previous comments maybe they dont sulk maybe its some other reason. It be interesting to see what others say.

  4. well some of mine do esp ozzie he would sulk in the hallway. Sometimes i think its when hes bored or when he feels jealous

  5. Not positive but I would guess not, although I have described some of my cats’ demeanor as “moody” which I enterpret to mean “ever changing” personae.

  6. sen·tient adjective ˈsen(t)-sh(ē-)ənt, ˈsen-tē-ənt

    : able to feel, see, hear, smell, or taste
    Full Definition of SENTIENT……..A Living Animal With A Brain…Yep..that’s Right….A Cat….]

  7. sen·tient adjective ˈsen(t)-sh(ē-)ənt, ˈsen-tē-ənt
    : able to feel, see, hear, smell, or taste

    Full Definition of SENTIENT……..A Living Animal With A Brain…Yep..that’s Right….A Cat….]

    : responsive to or conscious of sense impressions
    : aware
    : finely sensitive in perception or feeling
    — sen·tient·ly adverb
    See sentient defined for English-language learners »
    See sentient defined for kids »
    Examples of SENTIENT

    Origin of SENTIENT

    Latin sentient-, sentiens, present participle of sentire to perceive, feel
    First Known Use: 1632
    Related to SENTIENT

    alive, apprehensive, aware, cognizant, mindful, sensible, conscious, ware, witting
    insensible, oblivious, unaware, unconscious, unmindful, unwitting
    Related Words
    alert, attentive, careful, cautious, heedful, observant, open-eyed, regardful, safe, vigilant, wary, watchful, wide-awake; hyperaware, hyperconscious
    Near Antonyms
    careless, heedless, inattentive, incautious, mindless, unguarded, unheeding, unwary

    • Eva, I guess you are stating that a cat can sulk, or do I have that wrong? I’m not sure. I don’t think they do. A sentient being is alive, thinking and sensing but, for me, that does not mean that the being can be resentful.

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