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  1. Such an interesting subject. Like you, I believe that cats do understand our emotions, but I believe that they possibly have a deeper more instinctual response to & understanding of our emotions than we do ourselves.

    I also believe that their predation instincts & skills give them a huge advantage over humans in terms of observation of the whole environment. Don’t forget that we don’t make full, conscious use of our sense of smell. Our emotions are expressed not just by facial or body posture, pheromones are like a smelly Town Crier to a sensitive feline nose.

    One of my two cats had severe trauma via serious injury & a desperate 18 months spent being fed outdoors by a kind soul in the city. We know little of his past beyond that.

    However, one clue to his past might be revealed any time he is exposed to the sound of a human in distress, he will find that distressed human, hop onto them, milk tread, stare intently into the human eyes & cling on tightly.

    He responds to humans crying, rowing on the radio or television, it confuses him not to be able to provide comfort.

    To me, this behaviour shows an understanding that the human is in need. My cat has seen or sensed the need & provided the right response. I love this aspect of our felne companions, se it, help it, keep the love simple.

    Maybe humans have made emotions too complex? Certainly, via religious creed & cultural sway, in the UK, it’s seen as a shameful and indulgent to show emotions, so we tend to run from these complex monsters that are our emotions. Cats don’t bother with the clutter, they sort out the humn, so the human may continue handing out favourite treats!

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