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  1. From personal experience, having raised many of them over the years, Border Collies are very intelligent! Therefore, it is NOT RARE that they can learn words and associate them with objects. The reason Whisky and Vicky Nina “lost their intelligence” is because the words were not used on a daily basis. I guarantee that if you conduct the same test today, Whisky would only take a couple of moments before retrieving the exact object asked for.

    Our most recent BC was able to smell round. She could find any ball, disk, frisbee, etc., that had a round shape. We could take her visiting (she never met a stranger) and if there was any round object that could be played with in the vicinity, she would find it, even if she had to dig it up.

    In the same manner, cats are also very intelligent. Some more so than others possibly due to genetics and also environmental experiences. Many years ago, I rescued six-month-old Alfalfa from a Walmart parking lot. He would only come out from under my car if I was standing beside it. Once I got in, he went back underneath. I was afraid of killing him, so I took him home. His mental development seemed delayed, possibly as a result of the trauma from being abandoned/lost.

    Alfalfa was welcomed by Arnold, a shelter rescue, who was about six months older. They got alone beautifully. After about six months or so, my husband watched Arnold teach Alf how to catch mice. One had gotten into the house, and Arnold caught it. He carried it over to where Alf was sitting, would let go, then hold it in his hands, encouraging Alf to do the same. It was endearing to know that they had such a great bond.

    There are many more stories to confirm that cats are highly intelligent, but not enough time to write them all here. Any one who doesn’t live with them will never understand the high level of intellect given to cats, regardless of the amount in each individual.

    Bottom line: Cats are Smart!
    Need Proof: How many other animals have servants?

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