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Do coyotes eat cats? — 11 Comments

  1. FYI: These cat eating coyotes are not confined to Arizona! They are in Georgia too. We’ve interrupted several of their attempts to kill cats.

    • Interesting and thank you for your comment. I would love to know how you interrupt them in their predation on domestic cats.

      • Sadly, it’s not planned. 🙁 Our dogs sometimes act funny and refuse to go out. Hubby goes outside and sometimes sees the coyote(s) in the yard. The other night, he saw a cat in the treeline and a coyote was beside the house tracking the cat. The coyote ran away when he saw Hubby. Hopefully the cat made it home.

  2. Feral cats , real ferals are not victims as often. Dumped cats are easy prey. My housecats think they are invisible behind a shoe.
    Coyotes will choose the housecat or domestic pet because they don’t have survival skills. Predators look for the easy meal. A female coyote would eventually teach her pups that cats are part of their diet if available. Ask anyone who’s tangled with a coyote that gets into your chickens no matter what. They are problem solvers and twice as smart IMO as wolves.

  3. I find it horrifying that coyotes eat cats. Supposedly there are coyotes in every state in the US except Hawaii. Another reason to keep your cat indoors. Bad news for feal cat colonies.

    • Me too. I was quite shocked really to read this study. I knew that coyotes killed domestic cats but I did not realise that they ate such a high percentage. Although as mentioned in the article this study may not be representative. That said, the domestic cat is certainly on the list of prey items of the coyote. It is a terrible end for domestic cat and it must be a great worry to cat owners in areas where the coyote lives.

    • Yes, the more I read about the life of the American domestic cat the more I understand why cat owners keep their cats indoors. It is completely different in Europe where there are many less predators to the domestic cat.

  4. Coyotes here will make short work out of any small dog, outside cat or small livestock.
    They become habituated to humans because people like my neighbors run a free fast food restaurant via garbage cans with no lids. This attracts not only the coyotes but domestic prey which is easy pickings.

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