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Do declawed cats bite more?

Yes, declawed cats bite more. A recent research project published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery concerning 137 declawed cats and 137 non-declawed found that biting in declawed cats occured three times more often than in non-declawed cats. One reason given is that declawed cats are in pain and discomfort and lash out when touched. As they can’t use their claws they bite instead.

There are numerous other detrimental effects of declawing both for the cat and the cat’s owner. For the life of me I can’t understand why cat owners ask vets to do it. Declawing stops cats scratching the sofa but the downside for cat owners is enormous and far more profound than the perceived benefit of preventing scratches to a sofa.

You can read more about the huge negative aspects to declawing on the following page:

Declawed cats pee seven times more often outside litter box than non-declawed cats

and see this page for the complications of declawing:

Complications Of Declawing

Source for the biting statistic.

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