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  1. We have a beautiful long hair domestic cat that we rescued. I say rescued because the previous owner “says” she was allergic (after several months of having her) and needed to be away from her. In truth she, although seemed to be a nice person in general, was cruel and heartless cause not only did she have her front feet declawed, but her rear feet too. This beautiful and loving cat, refuses to urinated in a cat box, although she does poop, and has developed to conditions Have never had to deal with in my many years of adopting cats. She had an infection in the mouth which the vet said she would have to have her teeth removed if it continued, and now she is starting to have her toes turn black, we will be taking her to the vet tomorow. SHe moves around alot, when I am around, but not when I am not, and she is never mean. I just want to give her the best life I can.

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for commenting. I find your comment very interesting. You seem to be describing the altered behavior and damaged health (toes going black) of a heavily declawed cat. It sounds pretty uncomfortable to me.Good on you for caring for her and giving her a nice life, a life as good as she can expect having been needlessly mutilated by her previous ‘owner’.

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