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  1. I’ve seen articles saying some cats do chuff. The only ones I’m finding that say cats don’t chuff are your posts. Have you pursued in veterinary sciences? There are accounts of people’s vets even telling them that their cat is chuffing, and I’d assume a vet, or multiple in this case, knows the difference between a chuff and a chatter. Absolutely no offense to you, you can believe whatever you want no matter how right or wrong you are, but I’m going to listen to veterinarians over some guy on the internet who just insists he’s not wrong.

    • The word ‘chuff’ describes a wild cat sound. The domestic cat meow is very variable but it is still a form of meow. It is about semantics. Do what you like. I am correct.

  2. Yes some domestic cats do chuff it’s not super common though and most don’t even notice when a cats doing it. My Tabby cat does it when hes wanting me to play fetch with him and when hes excited with his toys. My other cat doesn’t make the noise at all. So to the person who wrote the article you need to find a topic you actually know something more about. You are very wrong on this topic you clearly do not know enough about domestic cats to state this as a fact, sorry! No one sits here and gets chuffing confused with chattering or trilling, just saying!! lmao.

    • Well I guess the point here is that domestic cats do make some weird sounds which don’t sound like meows. But the word ‘chuff’ is one which applies to the wild species which is why I have stated that domestic cats don’t make this sound. The written description ‘chuff’ is odd because what sort of sound does it describe?

      I disagree with you. I am not wrong. But thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts.

  3. My cats chuff at each other at night when they see each other and are ready to play. I know what chattering is as both chatter at birds all the time. They both exhibit the characteristics of chuffing as their mouths are closed and they bob their heads. I don’t think you should be making absolutes in this field.

    • Just saw your post. I had a domestic cat that also chuffed and I filmed it. I definitely know the difference between chattering and chuffing, so I think whoever wrote this article is incorrect.

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