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Do feral cats attack dogs? — 3 Comments

  1. There are many questions. Was the dog loose? Most people fail to realize that poodles are hunting dogs. Did they have food? We had a cat our here for a time that we eventually had to get rid of. Extremely feral and aggressive. He was killing not only male cats and kittens ( Hey this was my In-laws cats not mine and I’ve posted about the debacle they caused for years ) He was also attacking and killing female cats. When he started stalking and snarling at people we had to remove him. This is one aberration I’ve seen in my entire life. Feral cats will retreat with even mother cats abandoning their kits. Most of us have retrieved enough litters of feral kittens to know that the mother cat seldom puts up more than a hiss before backing off. I see cat haters latching onto this story and waving it around for years.

  2. I carry a wooden bat or a golf club to take my trash bins to the end of the road once a week. I’m not the least bit worried about a pack of marauding feral cats. Something else happened here although the humans may not even know what. Most likely the proximity of the dog and the humans got in the way.
    This has been turned into a hate cats debate per the link I will post at the end. Note if a pit bull had pulled the head off a baby which they have been known to do people would be defending the pit and saying the humans provoked it or left the child alone. It’s a perfect example of how we can contort in our minds and the media uses it to manipulate your feelings by either making someone a villain or a victim.

    • I agree with the above comment. I have dogs and cats but my fav is my cats. If my dogs posed a danger to other cats or my cats. Id rehome them. I feel bad for the dog but the owner warned her -rarely does a dog attack a cat and the cat live. And rarely does a cat attack a dog. What 2 in a million. Give me a break “

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