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Do feral cats eat rats? — 2 Comments

  1. My apartment is in an eight-unit building, which was formerly military housing until the base closed. That being said, typical of the military, it wasn’t built for longevity. Several upgrades over the years have uprooted some of the field mice who have visited our home…but not for long. My two adult cats actively hunt them down. Any who’ve had the misfortune of coming into my unit are quickly dispatched forthwith. The cats play with them, toss them to each other, eventually either kill them or they die from fright. Periodically (not often, thankfully), I find a dead mouse in the middle of the floor. The cats watch me pick it up with a bunch of paper towels to toss it in the trash. Their reaction? Boredom, as if they’re thinking “It’s about time.”

    As for ferals around here, they may kill the odd rat (we don’t really have many), but they don’t eat them. They’re more apt to go after field mice, sickly birds or baby birds who’ve fallen out of the nest and even bugs. They really don’t go into the trash since we’ve got a solid TNR program. Ferals here also chase moths, bugs and butterflies. I think it’s just the prey drive, but I’ve never seen any eat them.

  2. My clowder spent several hours hunting a moth last night after finally dispatching it and making sure it wasn’t moving they went and ate from their kibble bowl.
    I think most pet cats that eat prey had to learn from their mothers. Feral cats don’t leave a meal laying around.

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