Do fishing cats sometimes prey on livestock?

Fishing cat
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Fishing cat

Do fishing cats sometimes prey on livestock? I cannot find a clean answer but my distinct impression is, yes, this powerful and stocky small to medium-size wildcat does occasionally prey on livestock.

Certainly, there are records of the fishing cat killing chital fawns, and hens and ducks are not infrequently preyed upon. They are killed by delivering a bite to the head.

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This powerful cat is reported to be a formidable hunter and historically there are accounts of fishing cats killing calves, dogs and even children. It is therefore capable of killing small livestock. There’s even a report of one fishing cat, a male, breaking into a cage and killing a female leopard twice his size.

The fishing cat appears to be a solitary hunter. They are wary and aggressive of people but reportedly they can become quite tame and affectionate as pets. In zoos they can tolerate living groups.

Of course, after its name, it does prey on fish and is a strong swimmer. Its teeth are not specifically adapted for catching fish.

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