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Do foxes attack cats? — 3 Comments

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Michael. Whether or not it was due to a fox, the most important thing is that you lost a good friend. You have my deepest empathy.

  2. If you compare the relatively small number of foxes in the UK, less than 300,000 , to the 7.8 million cats, then it is easy to understand that encounters between them are quite rare, and foxes killing cats even rarer. But foxes will kill cats. Foxes are predators and anything they can kill they will kill. There is no reason to believe they have any special aversion to killing cats and so leave them alone. I think one of my cats was killed by a fox in N Cyprus. His disappearance coincided with hearing the typical yelping sound of a fox which I only heard that one time. He could have vanished for any number of reasons but that coincidence seems very significant.

    • I think that the concentration of foxes in the urban environment such as suburbia means that their relatively fewer numbers compared to cats is altered and the ratio between foxes and cats is much higher in certain areas. I would certainly say that that is the case where I live. Which of course adds to the risk.

      You make some good points, Harvey, and thank you for them.

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