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Do lesbian women like cats more than other women? — 2 Comments

  1. I disagree with the basic premise of this article. Instead of lesbian, queer, or gender states, etc., perhaps we should consider those that are comfortable with their gender preference or identity and their sexuality. A comfortable person is more likely to show love to other humans and to be open to sharing that love with other species. I am not talking about any aberrations I sexual behavior.

    People comfortable with themselves are likely to accept others as they are. I can’t make my cats be human any more than I can be a cat.

    This article suggests that we stereotype people. Cultural history does play a role in behavior, but we shouldn’t perpetuate those ideas. Peer pressure is useful in teaching appropriate behaviors, but should not be used to mold everyone into automatons. To insist that a gay person likes cats is putting pressure on people to like cats even if they don’t.

    • Thanks Anne. I think that in general humankind is not advanced enough to not stereotype people as you suggest. I agree that all gender types are normal and should be fully accepted and not stereotyped. It should not be a discussion point but it still is. In general, humans are not ready for that sort of open, enlightened thinking.

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