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Do Maine Coon cats make good pets?

This article is for people who are new to caring for a domestic cat. I say that because the title is a question put to the Google search engine and anyone who knows domestic cats will realise that the question is like asking “Do domestic cats make good pets?”. Of course the answer is yes. It is, therefore, a rather pointless question, in truth, but I don’t wish to be critical of anyone.

The point is that Maine Coon cats are purebred domestic cats. They are like any other well socialised domestic cat in terms of how good a pet they make.

If any domestic cat is well socialised they’ll be a good pet provided the ‘owner’ is a good owner. Bad cat caretaking can turn a good pet into a bad one.

In fact as Maine Coons are bred specifically for the purpose of sale to families they should have a better than average chance of making good pets because the breeder’s main job other than creating an attractive cat is to ensure that her cats have the personality to successfully live with humans in the human world. This is called socialising cats.

Sometimes non-purebred cats make less than good pets because they are not suited from an emotional standpoint to live with people. This problem should never apply to Maine Coons.

For about 3 weeks when living with an American I lived with two Maine Coon cats. I found them charming and great pets. One of them was Zach who is featured on this page. He is a great cat. I don’t know if he is still alive but I loved him. He liked me too. I took the photo.

The experts say that Maine Coons are relaxed and easygoing. They generally get on well with children and dogs as well as other cats. They are people orientated cats but not overdependent on people, meaning not clingy or too demanding. They like to be close to their human companion but not necessarily held. I am generalising. Maine Coons are individuals. They all have their own personalities and all will fit in very nicely with their human family’s way of life.

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