Do Maine Coon cats….?

People who are thinking of adopting a Maine Coon ask Google a ton of questions about Maine Coon cats such as the ones below, which I have answered.

Stunning Maine Coon
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Stunning Maine Coon. The photo is unattributed.

The questions apply to any cat whether they are pedigree cats or not. The point I am making is that Maine Coon cats are like any other except for one thing: they look like Maine Coon cats because they have been bred that way. They also have some distinguishing health issues regrettably because these are a negative spin off from the selective breeding process which focuses on appearance.

Q and As

Do Maine Coon cats make good pets? Yes! Provided they are well socialised by the breeder which the inevitably are or should be. They are described as ‘relaxed and easygoing’. They are people-orientated cats but not overdependent. They are fairly quiet and can have a tiny voice. They have beautiful plumed tails and tall, triangular lynx-tipped ears and solid muzzles.

Do Maine Coon cats get along with dogs? Yes, provided they have been socialised to dogs by the breeder and the dog has been socialised likewise. This is likely if the breeder is good. You’ll have to ask.

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Do Maine Coon cats meow? Yes.

Do Maine Coon cats shed? Yes. There are no non-shedding cats except for the hairless cats.

Do Maine Coon cats like water? A qualified no. Most domestic cats are not fond of water but some individual cats are okay with it and a few like it. It is said that Turkish Vans like water. The Savannah likes to take a shower with their owner.

Do Maine Coon cats get stolen? Relatively rarely some will if they are allowed outside because they are a large, glamorous cat which will attract cat thieves. Let’s say that the Maine Coon is probably more likely to be stolen over random bred cats. But not all cat thieves are stealing for appearance.

Do Maine Coon cats moult? Yes, like any other cat pedigree and non-pedigree.

Do Maine Coon cats eat more? The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed and therefore they will eat more than the typical domestic cat.

Hope this helps.


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