Do neutered cats still mate?

YES, sometimes. “Neutering” strictly speaking applies to the male cat and the operation is castration as you probably know. The testes are removed. It’s a very quick operation and my cat went through it because my cat is a rescue cat. It was part of the deal when I fostered him and then adopted him. He still wants to mate almost 8 years later. But, of course, each time it is a “dry run” 😉.

Gabriel having sex on my arm
Gabriel having sex on my arm. You can see him gripping my dressing gown in his teeth in the belief he is gripping the nape of the neck of a female cat to stop her swiping him angrily. Photo: PoC.
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Male cats after neutering – first-hand experience

And I can tell you from first-hand experience that my cat wants to mate every day maybe twice a day. There are no females within his purview and so he mates on my arm when I am wearing a fleece dressing gown; his favourite dressing gown. It must feel like a cat to him. He has no desire to mate if I am not wearing this dressing gown.

My arm, under the circumstances, replicates a female cat in heat. And he will mate with my arm for between 5-10 minutes. Yes, it’s quite a long time because he enjoys it! And of course, he has an erection. It’s the full-blown mating process without sperm.

And after he is done and satisfied, he will wash himself “down there”. And when he starts doing that of course I can see his penis and it is erect. It gradually retracts into him. He’s a very sweet boy and he does like his sex every day (at least) if he can get it. I give him it 😎. For him it is the real thing. He genuinely believes that he is mating with me and therefore he sees me as a female cat.

Neutering him has made him look a bit more female and I prefer the male cat look but I had no choice; humankind has no choice because we simply have to neuter our male cats and spay our female cats.

Some Internet articles say that a male cat may want to mate for a couple of months after the neutering operation while the hormones are removed from his body. That may be true for some cats, perhaps most cats but not mine based upon, as I state, first-hand experience. My cat is around eight years of age and he’s been having sex on my arm for eight years!!

Note: I have no idea if my cat’s behavior is very untypical. I suspect that it is rare for a neutered male cat to do this but it must happen. He may do it simply because it feels good. I may be masturbation.

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Dogs – briefly

Neutered male dogs sometimes hump their owner’s leg or they might try to mount almost anything that will stay still long enough including cats, other male dogs, cushions and furniture legs. The drive to mate remains after neutering. They are sexually frustrated because encounters with bitches on heat are abnormally rare. This is very similar to what I am experiencing with my cat.

Female cats after spaying

Sometimes the word “neutering” refers to spaying and neutering. I will therefore cover the female cat after she has been spayed and whether she still wants to mate.

It SEEMS that something similar might happen to female cats after the spaying operation. One person on the Internet tells us that he had his female cat spayed six months ago and since then she has had sex almost every day with a stray tomcat. He doesn’t know whether it happens against her will but she doesn’t seem to be stressed about it.

This is happening not because the female is seeking a mate to procreate but because an unneutered male cat is in the area and this female cat goes outside. The male cat jumps on the female and mates with her. If MY cat was in the vicinity of this female, he would mate with her and he is neutered as stated.

Spayed female cats no longer go into heat (estrus) and going into heat is a signal to males that she wants to mate and create kittens. Therefore, we can say with conviction that females are different to males in that they do not want to mate after the spaying operation.

I don’t know whether my cat is a unique exception to the rule. I suspect that he is not. But he may be keener on having sex than the general population of neutered male cats.

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