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Do owls and cats get along? — 1 Comment

  1. I wonder if it has something to do with the similar facial layout of owls and cats. As predators, both have forward facing eyes. many owls have feather patterns that seem tabbyish too.

    The owl is being quite gentle, I love the way he cautiously puts out his foot to touch the cat. Those talons could do some serious damage.

    The owl is being inquisitive with his/her beak too, rather than aggressive. Sort of air pecking, a bit like dogs do playfully air bite, and cats air ‘whap’ with their paws.

    In our home we say a cat is being ‘owlish’ if they have an intent forward facing stare, usually when eyeing up an interesting toy or an ‘illegal’ potential snack to snatch.

    The owlish look happens during cat to cat play too.

    When they get along, when one has been introduced as a youngster, it surely must be imprinting at work?

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