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Do Pets Need Sunscreen? — 4 Comments

  1. I live in the Southwest and a high elevation. While my cats don’t get sunscreen we do have UV filter films on all of our windows.

  2. My kitties are all indoor only babies, but, yes, I am aware that certain kitties do need sunscreen for outdoor. I do have an all white kitty who would need sunscreen if she were to be outside. Michael, thanks for this info — if I ever need it, at least I know where to purchase said products!! ♥♥♥

    • As you know I let mine out and the weather is good here at the moment. There is one aspect of this which I have not mentioned: cats are switched on. Mine goes into the shade quite quickly when it gets hot. Self preservation I guess.

      • Michael, that is so true. . . they generally know when it’s too hot to be in the direct sun. . . ♥♥♥

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