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Do Siamese cats have eye problems? — 4 Comments

  1. I believe that this is true. Many Siamese cats have eye related problems, but certainly not all of them. My kitty, Nikki Hana, is nearly 19 years and 4 months old. She is the traditional Siamese, also known as “applehead” Siamese. I have not noticed any problems with her eyes per se, although she has other health problems. I am thinking that maybe the traditional siamese have less eye problems than the “modern” siamese, due to all the breeding that has taken place, as you stated.

  2. Thanks for your information on Siamese. I think back to a Siamese mix female I had and realize maybe she had Nystagmus. Her blue eyes would rapidly move like you describe. Her head would bob slightly left and right too at times. My current Siamese has microphthalmia..”tiny eye.” But it doesn’t seem to be a breed related problem. He cannot see out of his right eye but it doesn’t bother him.

  3. now THAT is sad! when i read things like THIS it just proves to e how inhumane we r to these “purebreed” cats to where we INSIST on inbreeding them so we get specific traits, but which also cause others that put them in danger & lessen their quality of life, cuz im sorry but i cant imaine acat out there that would say, “sur i will keep the eye problems so i see the world around me in a COMPLETELY messed up way just so i can look ‘cute’ to YOU.” its cruel! would WE allow OURSELVES to go through life like THAT(no stereoscopic vision, etc)? yeah, i think NOT! how can WE do stuff like THAT, or even say, “awww that looks sooo cute!” knowing just how impaired the cat is & STILL call ourselves “cat LOVERS”?! of course the upper-class cat-breeding/showing world WONT stop it cuz they make to much MONEY off of it, & have)too much power within said world(which means they have too much to lose if/when others disagree & get snotty over it. its sad when that kind of thing happens. its just like with that other breed where theyre eyes r too far apart which makes it harder for them to see too!
    these animals r so loving, & caring, & they depend on US for everything. we have a HUGE influence on their lives because of it. all they ask us is that we love & protect them. we love them so much we insist that they live their lives handicapped cuz WE like it. makes me wonder if they dont need to be protected from US. yes i know, MANY of us DONT like it & say so, but isnt there a way to contact the breeding clubs & tell THEM that its wrong? or start up a petition to get that practice stopped? i mean, when i was a kid i had an English Boxer & unlike the American version only their tails were docked cuz ear docking is considered barbaric(or was i dont know if thats still the case now-a-days. tail docking is necessary cuz they can break their own tails just by wagging it sometimes). so if a common practice can change in the dog breeding community then we SHOULD be able to change THIS as well. i hope im not out of line by putting THAT out there, but i feel like WE should DO something about THIS. if im out of line cuz THIS isnt the place for that then i apologize. i remember how much it sucked when i had to wear an eye-patch for a few weeks. my vision was so messed up. i HATED it! yet these poor kitties have to live like this their WHOLE lives, & , to me, that is sad, heartbreaking even. knowing theyll live their WHOLE LIVES this way cuz the people they loved & trusted did it to them & wouldnt let them change it.

    • I agree with you Ed. We should do something about this. But we (the public) accept it. We are passive about it. And breeders certainly accept it and sometimes promote ill-health in cat breeds. The Persian is another example. And breeders often keep their breeding cats in poor conditions. I accept the views of others but if I had my way I’d ban all cat and dog breeding.

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