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Do Siamese cats have sensitive stomachs? — 3 Comments

  1. In 2015, I took my then 15 month old Siamese to emergency for vomiting bile fluid. He underwent bloodwork, xray, and sonogram. He showed elevated liver enzyme (ALT) and bilirubin (possible Triaditis which encompasses gall bladder infection or inflammation, pancreatitis, and IBD). He improved within a few days on multiple medications. After some reading to understand what Triaditis was and discovering other cat owners were controlling the problem with diet, I remembered I had just introduced a new treat to the cat. I had been giving him bonito flakes as his tooth brushing reward. I immediately stopped. Now two years later, the cat has never had another episode. In hindsight I think the problem was those bonito flakes as Triaditis seems to be rather chronic. The cat eats a raw lamb diet, gets a tablespoon of dry food as a treat (I feel I should stop this), and gets a 100% percent dried chicken treat for letting me brush his teeth. He never throws up.
    He is a purebred modern Siamese but has Microphthalmia. He looks like a one-eyed cat.

    • Fabulous comment and a very useful addition to the page – most welcome and many thanks Chai. I’ll do a bit of work on Triaditis.

  2. My first 2 cats were Siamese-one a redpoint ( one of the first of the red color). He was of the original large Siamese with a round head, and a wonderful, friendly disposition. The other was a bluepoint, who preferred hearth and home to travel on vacations. Both were leash trained. Neither ever had stomach problems. They were fed wet and dry food. And a little people food

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