Do snow leopards live in the Arctic?

Snow leopard Tost Nature Reserve Mongolia
Snow leopard Tost Nature Reserve Mongolia. Photo: Snow leopard Trust camera trap (believed)
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No, snow leopards do not live in the Arctic. In fact no cat of any species lives in the Arctic. The climate is just too unsuited and so is the terrain. This majestic large wild cat species lives in Central Asia which is thousands of miles south of the Arctic. That said the habitat of the snow leopard in Central Asia is pretty harsh. It is cold, rocky and mountainous by and large. They prey is blue sheep. The globe below explains things:

Snow leopards do not live in the arctic
People ask if snow leopards live in the arctic. The answer is No.

Science Daily says that 5,500 animal species live in the Arctic which I find amazing. Hope this helps. There is nothing to add except to say that you can click on this link to see in detail where the snow leopard lives.

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