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Do some car drivers deliberately run over cats? — 5 Comments

  1. I read about a study that said men’s hatred of cats is directly proportional to their insecurities regarding their own sexual function. These are primarily men who try to bully and dominate women, but are incapable of doing so with any woman in possession of a spine.

    Where I used to live, there was a man with a similar cat-hating bumper sticker on his truck. Unbeknownst to him, he was about to get a neon X spray-painted over the bumper sticker and surrounding surface, but he moved before said action was completed. I think fluorescent pink works the best.

  2. Yes, many people make a point to swerve and run over an animal, especially cats. I witnessed it first hand.

    I was driving down a very wide street with minimal traffic on my way to meet someone. There was a grey Tom waiting to cross the street. As I passed, he stepped off the curb and was making his way across the street. The oncoming car was close to the center line when it went past. As I watched in the rear view mirror to see if the cat made it across the street, the driver swerved the car. If he’d kept going, there would have been several feet of empty road between them. The cat was only about 1-2 feet from the curb when the POS ran both passenger tires over the cat. On my way home, I stopped and put the body on the grass between the curb and pavement. I knew that more POS would continue to run over the cat and didn’t want his owners to find him that way.

    The upside of the story? The car was very low to the ground. When it ran over the cat, part of the ground effects fell off. Hopefully that part was VERY expensive.

  3. Not only will the target a cat out here there seems to be at least a few points for seeing how flat you can get them by every driver after running a tire over the. I have to use a shovel most of the time.

  4. There is a sod who lives in my town with a bumper sticker’s on his truck saying (Cats make good speed bumps) and also another sticker saying (Cats,the other white meat)and if I ever catch him on my road trying to run over one of my ferals I will be in jail because he will only have stubs left to walk on when I get done with him.

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