Do Sphynx Cats Get Fleas?

Do Sphynx cats get fleas? Yes, Sphynx cats get fleas but the big difference is that you can see them on the cat because there is little or no hair. It is almost impossible to see a cat flea on a cat with a normal coat unless you comb through the hair with a flea comb which pulls the fleas out or are looking through her coat.

Cat fleas don't fly - Do Sphynx Cats Get Fleas?
Image: MERSEYPEST – Pest Control Liverpool
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You Can See Them

Because you can see fleas on a Sphynx cat you can kill them very easily and notice if there is an infestation. As a result, there never will be an infestation on your Sphynx cat because you can react very quickly to the presence of a cat flea. Of course, if your Sphynx cat does have a fleas you will have to eliminate the parasite from the environment. That may take some extensive work. There’s no point in continually removing fleas from your Sphynx cat if they simply return because you have failed to deal with the underlying problem.

The cat flea needs to suck blood to produce eggs. They jump onto cats from the ground when the cat passes. The flea reacts to vibrations and carbon dioxide to recognize when a cat is walking past. Cat fleas can also jump onto people and bite them. Perhaps typically they will jump onto a person’s feet. You might see a person with a flea bite on his foot as a consequence.


In conclusion, therefore, the flea will jump onto a Sphynx cat but as they are visible the owner can remove the flea quite quickly. Also, Sphynx cat experts say that they need to be wet wiped on a regular basis because in the absence of a fur coat they pick up dirt because of the oils on their skin. Therefore, in cleaning their cat the owner will no doubt spot any fleas that might be present.

Killing Fleas on a Sphynx

Personally, I kill cat fleas between my thumbnail and a flea comb. I crush them and they pop. That, in my opinion, is the best way to kill them physically. Some people stick them in water. Also personally, I would never use a chemical flea treatment in order to remove fleas from a Sphynx cat. There is no need to do it. Flea treatments are inherently poisonous. I would do it all physically and be observant while ensuring that your home is free of this pesky, ubiquitous and resilient parasite.

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2 thoughts on “Do Sphynx Cats Get Fleas?”

  1. Yuck! Just the thought of squeezing fleas makes me cringe, lol! What is your opinion of Stronghold flea/tick/parasite product (Revolution in the USA)? I’ve found that being proactive with my two long/medium hair cats has been the key. I’m not referring to a Sphynx since it’s pretty easy to spot these critters.

    • I like crushing fleas 😉 That might tell you a bit about my personality! 🙂

      I don’t like any flea treatment. They are insecticides and poisonous. But that’s a personal thing. As my cat is confined to a garden enclosure and the home he does not collect fleas at all. He has never had fleas. I comb him to find out. It’s great not to have to worry about damn fleas. I hate the blighters.


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