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  1. Thank you for commenting Jennifer, it’s good to hear from someone with first hand experience of seeing declawing and well done for giving up that first job!
    Our vets never declawed even before it was illegal here, I worked as a vet nurse all my working life and only once were we asked by a client about having her cat declawed. I’d never even heard of it, but if the vet had agreed I’d have walked out there and then and took that cat with me.
    Here in the UK most people are shocked and horrified at the very thought and that’s even before they know it’s not ‘only the claws’ removed, it’s the amputation of the cat’s toe ends.
    I think we in the UK have difficulty understanding why anyone would want to have a cat without claws, yes it’s the vets who do it who are mostly to blame but the cats caretaker has to take some responsibility for not finding out exactly what declawing means before handing their cat over.

  2. I am from the USA, all American. I am also an Animal Technician but I gave that up to become the Photographer that I am now. I quit my first job as a tech because of this procedure and went to work for a vet that didn’t offer torture as a service. I was much happier then. I have seen this procedure and it’s more than awful, it’s disgusting. I can tell you that it is not as common today in the USA as it once was and as people become more aware of what actually happens during a declaw, I suspect there will be less procedures done. It’s about educating people. You would be surprised at how many people who have had their cats declawed had no idea how brutal this procedure is. We get shielded here too much and its common place to sugar coat things to make people feel better. Youtube is changing that for everyone thank goodness because we need to see what we are doing in all areas of life, how does a person make an educated decision about something when they are only given the facts that someone wishes for them to hear? I know that there will always be heartless people still out there but for the majority, once this procedure is explained in its entirety, they would never want to put their animals through it. That’s my two cents.

  3. So many questions Ruth and I wish I had all the answers lets hope Michael gets some responses when he interviews de-clawing vets but how he will hold it together God only knows because I couldn’t.
    It breaks my heart every time and makes me want to do physical harm to the vets that maim cats day in day out and Lord help the vet that de-clawed a cat of mine by accident I wouldn’t rest until I had exacted just retribution!
    Ruth a brilliant poster yet again

    • Thanks Leah. No I couldn’t have a calm conversation with a declaw vet either, I’d want to hurt him/her as much as they hurt the cats they cripple.
      I don’t think any will agree to being interviewed face to face by a genuine kind man like Michael, they are just cowards who know the cats they mutilate can’t fight back.

  4. I agree – it’s cruel.

    People make choices in life.

    Some think it only matters how they look and seem – and they will lie and make imoral choices.

    Others realize that you can’t hide who y0ou really are because it comes back and bites you. These people try to make the right choices even in private.

    The ego has become the self in modern day. That is why we are so emotionally stunted and confused as humans. We are not taught values the right way or for the right reasons. Clearly. Otherwise we’d be alot nicer to animals just for a start.

    And vets would never declaw for non health reasons.

    A vet who does choose to do this probably rationalizes is with some argument about that cat being saved from death because of the declaw. Of course the vet who goes the evil route will lie first and foremost to himself because he likely won’t think he is bad. But he doesn’t know why he feels bad ad why his wife left him and he got a flat tire on the way home. And one day something far worse like a serious accident. That’s how consequence works. I won’t say karma because its too loaded and people associate it with strange people – and they are wrong – karma is just a simple word meaning consequence. Life is consequence.

    The declaw vet is unhappy about alot of things and that’s because consequence does exist.

    • Yes Karma (consequence ) exists but it doesn’t undo the evil done by the person who did it, those declaw vets being punished wouldn’t give the cats they mutilated their toe ends back, it’s too late. We have to stop them doing it!

    • exactly right couldnt of said it any better i hope that those declaw vets come to some bad karma at some stage in their life or their conscience bites them.

  5. A really strong poster again, Ruth. I like the way you have brought in the Christian faith into the argument this time. That is a nice approach, I think, because a lot of people in America have Christian beliefs. Many Americans have very strong Christian beliefs in fact. I’m sure many of them approve of cat declawing. This is an anomaly and a contradiction. I hope many of them read your article and I hope your poster leaves an impression on their minds.

    Even if a veterinarian is not a religious person, they should have high moral standards which should guide him or her and, as you say, if he or she is in breach of those standards it should make him feel uneasy.

    One aspect of declawing that we have not addressed that often is what student veterinarians are taught at medical school. Medical school would be a great place to inculcate the correct mentality but clearly they either ignore declawing as an operation that is in breach of their oath or they simply teach the procedure without any reference to its morality.

    • Thank you Michael, yes my article/poster were based on there being so many ‘believers’ in the USA. I can’t come to terms with how any declaw vets can profess to be Christians yet mutilate the living feeling creatures ‘their God’ created.

  6. Yes, a very good question how DO vets who rob cats of vital and healthy body parts sleep at night? How do they justify the pain and bloodshed to themselves, do they secretly know that what they do is wrong or are they full of self righteousness thinking they are doing their clients a favour by using their skills to remove those nasty claws? You ask a very good question Ruth, do they have no conscience? Does the suffering of a newly declawed cat leave them cold, does seeing a cat in pain not upset them, does denying pain relief because the cat’s guardian refuses to pay for it seem justifiable to the declawing vet? I can’t in any way put myself into the mind set of vets who hurt, rather than heal, cats, I don’t believe there is any justification, ever, for declawing a cat, I hope those vets that believe that they are doing a service when they declaw a cat either achieve enlightenment and stop declawing and begin to promote education against it, or failing that I hope karma catches up with them and teaches them a harsh lesson.

    • Yes I too hope Karma catches up with them, they are supposed to have trained to help animals, not to please people, or to make money by causing cats to suffer 🙁

  7. Ruth,

    I cannot agree with you more strongly. This is one of the highest degrees of sin. Veterinarians take an oath to “do no harm”- however this surgery does incredible harm to cats. It is barbaric- plain and simple. What is even more harmful are the “lies” that are told to clients- “it’s best to do it now when they are young and under anesthesia for neutering/spaying”. “This procedure doesn’t harm a cat”, and what’s worse is some veterinarians actually believe their own lies. They have NO idea about feline nature- nor do they care.

    St. Peter should spit in their faces to be perfectly honest…. in my opinion!

    • Anyone who has studied feline anatomy knows full well that declawing harms cats, if declaw vets lie to themselves and pretend that it doesn’t then they are stupid as well as evil. Yes St Peter should spit in their faces and damn then for eternity.

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