Do wild cats eat fruit?

In general wild cats do not eat fruit as they are well-known carnivores. Although some wild cats do occasionally eat fruit. Many more wild cat species eat plant material.

Fruit was found in the stomach of an Africa-Asian wildcat in Botswana.

Jaguarundi kitten in a home
Jaguarundi kitten in a home. They are extremely noisy and they sometimes eat fruit
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In Belize a study of 47 jaguarundi found that in ten percent of faeces fruit was present. Incidentally a study in Venezuala found that an analysis of the stomach contents of this wild cat found that grass was present in 47.8% of the cats.

Analyses of the stomach contents of margays found that this small, super-agile wild cat eats rodents, birds, insects and fruit. In Belize a study found that 14.4% of scats (faeces) left by margays contained fruit material.

The leopard cat is a big eater of plant material. This may include fruit. Almost all the scats of leopard cats on Tsushima Island, Japan contained plant material.

This list of fruit eating wild cats is not necessarily complete. Even today, little is known about some wild cats such as the marbled cat and bay cat. All the wild cat species are discussed on this site.

P.S. The snow leopard likes to eat a certain bush.

P.P.S. Source: various pages of the book Wild Cats of the World.

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  1. I love reading all the articles here. As for domesticated cats, I’ve had one who loved cantaloupe and RITZ crackers, a couple who loved potato chips, many like grass of course and a couple who’ve loved bread.


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