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  1. I’m the girl Donna Marie Parker who experienced this cat ghost I have had experiences since I was a little girl but that was probably the most profound I’ve ever had I have had many experiences there since then and I have moved into intuitive therapy at Zen Wellness Center after having this experience I have had many more so I can hardly say it isn’t true but each path is different but on mine it was very profound very beautiful reading all the posts I respect them all it was an awesome experience that I would never ever debunk as not being real peace and love

    • Donna: Did those further experiences that you refer to also include the ghost cat at the Zen Day Spa? Has it appeared again since the TV report was aired more than 7 years ago?

  2. Ruth He would be. Most of Mine and Flatmates Cats, have adjusted but Jasmine is still not totally sure. She sure is mummys Girl. I really hope they leave this week as im beginning to feel abit overwhelmed and stressed. It’s always hard for Cats where there is someone different than they are not used too.

  3. Monty won’t hang around as a ghost. He only hangs around me now when he wants to be fed. Otherwise he is quite the independent little soul.

    Except when he is frightened. We have a house full of people and Monty’s snuggling with me– he does that when he’s scared. I wouldn’t want him around as a ghost. He wouldn’t be hungry so that would mean he was scared. I don’t like to think of him that way if I could not hold and comfort him.

    • Yea I agree Ruth. I think unless something horrible has happened to a Cat Like the Spirit hasn’t left properly. It’s the same here for the third week got a house full the Cats seem to be coping with it, but im not really tolerate it for the third week 🙁

  4. To admit that Cassie is around as a ghost dispells the Rainbow Bridge theory. Sometimes we believe what we want to believe; that which gives us comfort. I find the thought of a ghost cat hanging around for his family quite upsetting 🙁

    • RaInbow bridge theory is great but scientist and spiritualists find out their theories wete not all true when tbey have a personal experience. This is my story. Im. Donna. Peace and love to all the beautiful creatires here and there as well. I respect your experience!

    • Leah: it’s not really what we would like to hear or envision, but what “it is”. If “ghosts” being free to roam around our world if they wish to do so means that the “Rainbow Bridge” or “Paradise/Heaven” notions are incorrect, then so be it! If we go by the amount of “ghost cats” (and other kinds of “ghosts” as well, for that matter) that have been witnessed and even captured on different media is any indication, then such notions about there being some restricted or confined place/dimension/plane for such “non-material” or “spiritual” beings/entities to dwell in must be incorrect. Apparently, many of them still like to hang around this “material” plane/dimension that they used to inhabit when they existed “physically”.

  5. Anything is possible! ** There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
    – Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio**
    I think it would be cool if my “best feline friend” didn’t want to leave me yet. I had to let Shadow go back on Mar 8/13 … I did NOT want to (he was my BEST friend/little brother/furry son all rolled into one) But … I could not bare to see him like that. He had progressive kidney disease and went from 13lbs to just 6lbs. On his last day he could no longer move his rear legs and he tried to follow me (I had to use the washroom and he was on the bed .. I told him to “stay” but he dragged himself with his front legs to end of the bed and fell off trying to follow me). It broke my heart to see him like that … to this day I still cry over him being gone!! In a way it would be nice if his ghost was here with me because I miss him so. But .. then I also think I’d like to have him watching over me from above waiting @ Rainbow Bridge to see me again.

  6. Echos.

    Not “ghosts” proper, just echos of an old friend.

    Hear ’em, see ’em all the time around here. Are they real? (maybe?)

    Hey, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago is working on experiments this very day to determine if WE are real, actually exist and not just holograms!

    (not kidding, read up on it here:

    You can tell me if cat ghosts are real, right after you prove to me WE are real!

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