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Do you ever trick your cat into doing something? — 2 Comments

  1. Those are all clever “tricks”. One I’m using lately is to make sure I lightly rattle the stainless steel feeding dishes in the sink (while washing them) to get one of my cats to come inside for the night. Or if they’re already washed, rattle them as if I’m washing them. She sits on a chair in the front and will not come in otherwise, for a few legitimate reasons and she’s good at avoiding my attempts to pick her up to do that. And yeah I’ve noticed that when you force a cat to do something they resent it, which isn’t something you want to do to a cat or anyone really. They can understand trickery too and can resent that as well, unlike dogs who when you “fake the throw” they don’t seem to care. Other instances of trickery may involve little slights to fake my movements or noises involving when I give a cat medicine… they remember that stuff that leads to giving the meds which they don’t like and try to avoid.

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