Do You See Contentment in the Eyes of a Domestic Cat?

I believe that you can see contentment in the eyes of a domestic cat. If you look at this photograph you will see a more senior cat who is established in the household with a newbie, a grey and white kitten who was rescued from the middle of the road at a time when traffic was quite heavy.

Contented cats

The kitten is Ollie. Ollie’s story comes from the cute overload website. Susan C. recites the story. I’m not sure whether she is the rescue lady. I don’t know where the rescue took place so I don’t know much about this 🙂 except that it’s a good story because the end of it is the picture above and in that picture I see two very contented cats. You can see it in their eyes.

The lady who rescued Ollie was driving to a meeting in the late afternoon and she saw what she thought was a chipmunk in the middle of the road. Then she noticed that the Chipmunk had a rather long tail…and then she realised it was a kitten.

Compelled to mount a rescue operation, two SUVs almost ran over the kitten before she could get to him but thankfully, and I think quite bravely, she managed to rescue Ollie.

“I drove to the kitten as quickly as I could and when I got out of the car, the tiny gray and white kitten looked up at me and mewed.”

I hope there was a break in the traffic at the time because it can be quite difficult to rescue an animal from the middle of the road when there is traffic on the road. In fact it can be very dangerous because people are not expecting somebody to be in the middle of the road.

I can remember getting an injured squirrel off the middle of the road once. I parked the car in the middle of the road to stop cars following me running over the squirrel which caused a certain amount of chaos but I achieved my goal.

Anyway, Ollie was taken to an emergency veterinarian by this kind lady and he was found to be in reasonable condition with a scratched nose and what appears to be in a minor eye infection which cleared up with ointment.

The rescue lady did check to see whether this kitten had a human caretaker but concluded that he was a feral kitten. You can see how well he has settled in and it is lovely to see an existing adult cat in the household taking charge and providing some TLC cat-style, which is the best kind under the circumstances. The adult looks female to me, being a mother/protector.

What drew me to the story was the look on the faces of both these cats in the picture and how contented they appeared. Cats do have expressions which tell us the mood they are in.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • The roads are terribly busy where I work but I would find a way to stop to help out a cat or any animal for that matter.

    Loved the story about the little kitten who now looks so happy with his new friend. His name really suits him.

  • A happy ending (beginning) for once. What a dear little kitten. And what a nice lady.
    Hello, friend Ruthie -- I promise to get up to the library tomorrow or Sat., but have been grubbing around in the yard non-stop.

    In one week, McWee will have been gone for nine months, and Little Ethel girl for four. Cannot believe any of this. -- Did you see the pic of the green-eyed cat on the home page? As beautiful (and loving, no doubt) as he is, his stare-y eyes are at the opposite end of the spectrum from my boy's - whose gaze was soft and soulful. I haven't run out of tears for him, and swear my last will be for him--and my girl.

    Don't work too hard, and I'm thinking of you and Babz. Will bang out something on C-drive tonight to send you, as there isn't much time in one hour (which is all the library allows). xx
    And yes, Dee - thank you again for your Yahoo instructions! Haven't had time, yet, to ask the librarian to walk me through the rigmarole, but might try in a day or two.

    • Hello Syliva Its so hard counting down the months since our beloved cats have gone. It's so hard to imagine, other people have gone longer. It felt just like yesterday they were here with us. Although Jasmin has helped I still remember Cassy girl as each day passes to the next. I wish you well and good health.

  • I see contentment in Monty's eyes quite often. Except when he's bugging me to go out and I want to keep him in because the yard is all in the sun and there are more likely to be bees out there. He meows so forcefully, looking me right in the eye, pleading in desperation. But once we're out there and he is lying in the shade, then I see the look of contentment.

  • Nice stories like this are the best. It’s a lovely photo it really is. I wonder where Ollie’s siblings are. Sometimes people throw out all the kittens but keep one they like the look of. Maybe Ollie was the only one to be thrown out or maybe he was born feral. Being in the middle of the road suggests to me that he was not born feral as I can’t see a feral kitten being in a place like that. They are better survivors and they have a colony of adult cats and their mother to guide them anyway.

    So I think he was thrown out probably of the car window on that road and there he was and that’s why he didn’t run but he meowed at the lady.

    The people who throw away animals usually don’t have a clue how cruel they are being. If you try and tell them they ignore you. That’s where ignorance comes from I guess, refusing to listen or empathise in any way. Those people are usually not satisfied with their lives and they make all kinds of problems for other people and animals. One day it will stop happening like this I hope.

    • There was a black cat on the side of the freeway the other day as I was driving to work, dead I presume. It wasn't moving at all, and then I wondered if I should have checked, but to try to pull over there would have been very dangerous. I think a cat would be smarter than to try to walk right along the interstate highway. It's almost always busy there-- it runs right through the heart of the city. Someone probably threw the cat out of their car. It just broke my heart, more so because it was a black and that made me think of Monty. When I got home from work that night I hugged Monty extra.

      • That's horrible, so sad :(. I know I've seen a few cats where they have just been left at curbside just breaks your heart.

      • That's heartbreaking Ruth. Poor thing stuck on a freeway, dead or alive, it's just too much to imagine it happening to one of mine.

        • Being stuck in the middle of a freeway reminds me of my late Lady cat and one day she decided to rest over a grated drain at the entrance to the car park to the flat where I was living. I think the cool air that came up helped her feel more comfortable. I am just glad that I spotted her because it was a horrifying sight sitting there at the entrance to the car park-a dangerous position. I raced out and grabbed her.

    • Yea, I agree with that, a lot of people chuck out good domestic kitty's which is just so sad and horrible, while pedigrees kept being produced. I guess be kitten season again. Cute photo though

    • The people who throw away animals usually don’t have a clue how cruel they are being

      That is very true. They are a type of humanoid but not human.

      I think you are right. This quite possibly a domestic cat thrown out.

  • A wonderful story I see that same contentment in some of my cats. Jasmin does that often. I remember Cassy did that a lot. It's so lovely to read a lovely story of how an older establish cat accepting a kitten. Also, it's like the old cat, is playing with the kitten. Reminds me a lot, how Ozzie is with Jasmin, he teaches her a lot playing with her and entertaining her a lot.

  • That is a lovely story and what makes it better is that the established cat seems to have accepted the kitten wholeheartedly and they have become friends, I like this, I really feel for established cats who are upset or pushed back when a new kitten arrives. A really happy story.

    • It is a good story of positives all along. Ollie was a gnat's whisker away from death and is now a loved companion to another and a human.

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