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Do you stop being friends with somebody who you discover dislikes cats? — 15 Comments

    • Are you saying that all people who like cats should be disliked and merely tolerated? If so, you are a cat hater and a person hater as well.

      Therefore you are Woody! QED. Bye Bye Woody.

  1. My closest friends are people I’ve known since childhood and we’re all cat lovers, so no worries there. Whenever I meet new people socially (or go on dates) I raise the subject of pets fairly early on. If we don’t share similar values, then I don’t see any future for a friendship or relationship. I don’t expect everyone to like animals or keep pets, but any hint of wishing them harm is definitely a no-no.

    I discovered that my boss used to work for Huntingdon Life Sciences (as an accountant) and that made me look at her in a different light. Irrational maybe, but I can’t help it.

  2. A no-brainer for me!
    Out of my life!
    Because I feel strongly that cats are good for me, I recall something that Les Brown, a prominent motivational speaker, says, “There are some people who aren’t good for you. Get them out of your life!
    Goodbye, Tah-tah assholes!

  3. I agree. If a person has had bad experiences with a cat I think they’re not going to change unless they want to. They tend to avoid cats. Those relatives of mine were different. They tried to force my family to get me to “be nice” and play along with their stupid little game, My mother told them that they might as well stop because that’s never going to happen.

  4. With me it depends on the level of dislike. I’ve had friends who disliked cats because they had a bad experience with one, or they were allergic. No problem. I’ve had blood relatives who delighted in constantly telling me that they wanted to see my cats ripped apart by the neighborhood dogs. These people constantly asked me if I would let them wring my cats’ necks like a chicken. I drifted away from those folks pretty quickly. Their comments seemed like a passive aggressive attack that was really directed towards me anyway. I don’t have time for that. Life is too short.

    • I agree. If the dislike of cat is malicious, unreasonable and engrained into the person’s character then ditch them. But as you say, some people have had unfortunate bad experiences with cats. They are not going to hurt a cat.

  5. Aye Michael,I love all species of animals but cats will always be at the top of the list for me and those that I’m associated with dislike cats then I disengage them as friends!

  6. I’ve dealt with now former friends who dislike cats especially my own,one who professes to be a Wiccan like myself shocked me when she told me finally why she never wanted to come into my house and after she told me she abhorred cats I called her a fake Wiccan,Wiccans I personally know all have cats and making them their familiar’s especially if they are a White Witch,after reading this piece it brought to mind the Irish Proverb ” Beware of those who dislike cats “

    • I like this Irish proverb and I believe it has a ring of truth about it. I’m not sure why that is the case, however. You could almost go wider than that and say that if anybody dislikes animals then there’s something wrong with them!

      It seems that you are a bit like me in that if a person tells you that they dislike cats they can no longer be a friend of yours.

  7. Years ago I was friends with a couple that I found out they we’re grabbing every cat that came into their garden. At the time, I knew that they would take the cats to the pound and then inform the owners. I was very uncomfortable with that and was fooling myself into thinking the cats will be picked up. (That is what they told me.) The friendship ended when I was leaving their home one day, walking down the path on the side of their house. On the wall between the homes was a kitty wanting attention, I walked to the end of the wall and slightly over to the neighbors yard, picked up the kitty, was petting it, and the husband came out of the house and started screaming at me to “put it down”. I just said no and he kept screaming at me and that was it. The cat ran back to his yard. They had never behaved that way before! In retrospect, i’m pretty sure I can assume that they hated cats…I’ve never seen them again. I don’t regret it at all and never have. I found out later that they were not informing the owners. I’m grateful that he screamed at me, that made it a lot easier.

  8. No friendship is worth keeping if our values clash. For me, friendship is really about shared values. I have a friend who loves all animals, but is allergic to cat dander. So, she can’t come inside my house without having breathing difficulty. This is a different issue.

    As for your neighbor who allows her cat to breed for a little extra money, I’d probably keep my distance.

    I’ve never actually had a friend that disliked cats, or was cruel to any animal, but I know they would be cut off, without a second thought.

    • I thought you would have similar sentiments to me. I think the values which are behind a love of cats are too important and too profound to compromise within a friendship. So you might like everything about a person except the fact that they dislike cats and that last facet of their character would be enough to break a friendship. Of course, that doesn’t mean one can’t be friendly with the person and treat them as a colleague.

  9. That is a very difficult decision to make. A dear friend of mine grew up with cats but doesn’t particularly care for them. She has dogs and loves them like I love cats. Her husband feels the same way towards dogs but HATES cats. He is a very nice person otherwise. On one occasion, he went into detail about a childhood encounter with one of his grandmother’s cats. It turned my stomach, but I didn’t say anything because I was visiting. It changed some of how I feel about him, but the relationship I have with his wife is special, so I will make sure that, when he comes to visit, my cats stay far away from him.

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