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Do you use damp rubber gloves to get rid of cat hairs? — 6 Comments

  1. That sounds pleasant, and if it is worth any mention at all, I use my metal, vinyl-tipped hairbrush to brush my cat as I brush my own hair. He likes it especially because he knows that I will weedle in a shoulder massage. (which he loves more than everything else!)

  2. Thank you Michael
    I brush my cats with a small comb and a soft brush. They are only for my cats and kittens. I bought them from open market, though they are not made for the purpose of cats and kitten, but I just rub gently on them and get the result.

    2. My cats and kittens feel a relaxant during the process of rubbing. I just watch their reaction which seems equal to the reaction of a human body massage. because I also gently use my hand to pet them.

    This is the way I deal with my babies (Cats & Kittens). 🙂

  3. It looks a bit like a velcro-brush which is what I use on soft furnishings and sometimes on stubborn hairs on carpet. have a velcro-brush attachment to the VAX which nicely on carpets and bedding. I sometimes dampen my hand to pick up cat fur (works nicely when picking up dead fur straight from the cat!)

  4. We’ve never in almost 40 years of cats, long haired and short haired, had any problems with hairs around the house.
    Simply grooming the cats daily and then cleaning the brush and comb and vacuuming the carpets daily does the job fine.

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