Do Your Cats Have Human Names?

Renny is short for renegade

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Renny is short for renegade

Renny is short for renegade Cocoa and Gizzy Lola and Furby Mia and Bella

Do your cats have human names? According to recent studies, what you name your cat reflects your personality as much as your cat's. Experts say the reason for cats being given human names is because cats are more a part of our family than ever before. The more human the name, the more mother-child the relationship is.

I still remember the old days when cats had traditional names. The problem with naming a cat Smokey was I had at least four Smokey's over the years and now I get confused when I look at their old photos. Perhaps I'm getting old. If I'd named Smokey a feminine name such as Bella, maybe I could pick her out of a photo lineup.

Of course those who still enjoy traditional values also tend to stick with traditional names. Cats may be given the same name as a beloved pet who has since gone to the rainbow bridge.

My daughter is the one who got me into giving cats a human name. I'd never had a Lola until she picked out her first cat back in 2009. Lola is still with us and knows her name. Lola is a cool name by modern standards.

Knowing their name is one reason why it's important to stick to short names, whatever you choose. The cat should be able to recognize it's name when it hears it. Our little Renny the renegade is the best at remembering his name. Renny is short for renegade, which is what he was as a baby feral

Human names do make a cat more interesting. It tends to give a cat a broader personality. Many cats are named after the owner's favorite television or movie star. After the Twilight series came out in theaters, Bella became a very popular name for cats. We had a Bella, and we also have a Jasper, named after one of the cuter vampires in the Twilight saga.

A lot of the shelter cats I've rescued came with names I decided to keep. This made it easier to give updates back to the shelter on how the rescued cat was doing. There were a few I did decide to change. They were downright stupid or just didn't fit the personality of the cat.

One of my favorite cats is Gizzy. She came to me with that name. To see her during her first few weeks at my house, I believe Gizzy may be short for "Jezebel." Gizzy was a multitalented terror who could hiss, growl, spit and slap simultaneously. She's grown into one of the sweetest, most polite cats I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Our rescue Mia was named Abby at the shelter. One day she looked at me and telepathically told me she wanted to be called Mia. So I granted her wish (as crazy cat ladies are supposed to do) and changed her name.

Cocoa came with a horrible name. His shelter name was Tooth because he only has one tooth. I changed it to Cocoa because he's a chocolate Snowshoe mix. He know his name very well and seems to like it.

Laura enjoys renaming some of the cats. She'll look the cat over and say "this cat looks like a ________." Of course, it's always a human name....

I can't close this article without reminding people how Furby got his name. He was named after the popular children's toy. My ex who passed away from cancer had two Furby toys who would talk to each other during the night and scare him half to death. So every time I say "Furby," I'm reminded of those two Furby toys talking to each other at 3 a.m. and I laugh.

My friends tend to shake their heads at me as I call my cats by name and describe them as I would a human. I don't care. I name my cats what I want to call them. Or I leave them with the names the shelter gave them if I like the name.

Do your cats have human names? Did you name your cat after a special someone or a favorite movie star? Or do you prefer the traditional names of days gone by?

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Do Your Cats Have Human Names?

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Apr 28, 2012
by: Leah (England)

I think all my cats have had human names!! Timmy was my first then Sebby, Oscar not to mention Ozzie, Alfie and Honey now!!

I tend to look for a name really that suits the cat.

Apr 19, 2012
Terrible with cat names
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

I am no good at naming cats. No name I ever thought up has been inflicted on a poor innocent cat, thank goodness. My sister named Monty. Like it was the easiest thing in the world she just says, "Why don't you name him Monty?" When we were kids we had a cat named Mittens who ended up being called Muttonhead, because Mom would comment on her stubborn insistence on doing things like shred toilet paper all over the house, try to eat house plants or poop in the basement sans litter box by saying, "That mutton headed cat!" So she was called Muttonhead, or Mutts or Muttsy or Mittsy or Mitts-- all our cats would get lots of nicknames. The other day my sister Jen called Monty Muttonhead. He's more Muttonheaded than Muttonhead ever was, but it doesn't seem right to call him that. It seems a little sad, bringing back memories of our last childhood cat. Monty has his own nickname. I call him "Small Stuff." My husband thinks that's funny because Monty's a little overweight, but he's still a small cat. Sometimes I call him "small cat." I tell him he's just a small cat in a very big world. He doesn't care, because his whole world is this house and his back yard and he's happy here with me. I tell him about other kitties less fortunate than himself, but he really doesn't care about them and won't even pretend to be interested. He just waits to hear any food word, and he knows them all, and then runs to the kitchen. My husband calls him "Monty: a.k.a. The Stomach."

Apr 19, 2012
by: Michael

If people are able to name their cat with ease I think they have a natural affinity for cats. Laura and you clearly have that. It's like you can get into the head of the cat and get a feel for the cat's personality.

Renny definitely looks like a renegade. Of course naming cats is subjective and a part of our personality too.

I like the idea of naming cats with human names. I think it is natural and normal. There is no reason why we shouldn't. There is no reason why we should name cats with "cat names" whatever they are.

Maybe this is a good sign. It is a sign that gradually we are learning to respect animals more. Give it a couple of hundred years and we will be at a place where I want us to be now.

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