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  1. Biological Parks are going to be the last refuge for many species.
    That said the majority of big cats , tigers being on the top of that list are NOT suitable for breeding. Tigers in small zoos without the support or funding from larger zoos and tigers being kept for entertainment and pets have been shown to be too inbred to be used in any real conservation program and should be sterilized. There is a running joke that there are more tigers in backyards in Texas than left in the wild.
    A viable population is possible in zoos or wildlife parks but there is always an issue of releasing a captive born wild animal back into the wild.

  2. Just hope that any “zoos” have more than 50 individuals left of your native Scottish Wildcat species. Because if not, your Scottish Wildcats are already extinct due to your preference for preserving your non-native invasive-species “moggies”. They have found no more than 19 surviving native Scottish Wildcats anywhere in the UK. This is not enough RNA diversity to guarantee the future existence of your one and only native feline species. If there are not enough genetically-pure Scottish Wildcats in captivity, then your Scottish Wildcat is already extinct. You have nobody but yourself to blame for that for promoting and supporting TNR practices as the solution. Everyone else around you will also blame you, and everyone like you, for that. Enjoy the notoriety for driving your one and only native cat species to extinction. I bet you’ll enjoy it. You’re just that kind of fool.

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