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Dodge: My Norwegian Forest Cat? — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! I saw this picture when I was looking for Norwegian cats because I believe my cat was part Norweg, I had to put her down due to a respiratory problem, one of the worst days of my life. She was the best cat I ever had, and her story is a lot like Dodge. Like Dodge, she picked me. Just came up to me in the street one day and never left my side. She was super smart, caught on quick, and seemed to know what I was thinking and what I needed her to do before I acted. She loved the garage too I don’t have picture of her among the car parts at the moment because I’m at work. She wasn’t afraid of noises as long as I was around. The bond I had with her was so special and her intelligence unmatched and I had many cats. I wondered if there were others like her, and it seems I found my answer. Thanks for sharing your story about Dodge. It’s a consolation.

    • Hi Nadine, she looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat to me. There is a very distinct likeness. For me it is about the face. I have seen a lot of NFCs and yours is close.

      Thanks for sharing Nadine.

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