HomeCat photographyDoes anyone know how I can get my feline a modeling gig?


Does anyone know how I can get my feline a modeling gig? — 3 Comments

  1. You could make your cat famous for a day, by having them feature in the 365 cats-page-a-day calendar contest.

    I buy these calendars every year 🙂

  2. No interest in cashing in on any of my cats.
    Majority have been through enough trauma and fright in their lives.

  3. Very thorough response to this question. If I were interested in this, I would start where many people do, with Facebook and YouTube.

    Since the poster doesn’t indicate what qualities or features the cat has, that is a missing clue to the modeling potential.

    Even though people always comment on how pretty my cat is, she would never be a good candidate for modeling, although I have enjoyed capturing her beauty in photos and video.

    Gabriel has extremely good looks, but I doubt if he would be in to modeling even if Michael pursued it.

    The “15 minutes of fame” is fairly easy by posting on social networks. And there are ways to make a little
    money without directly involving your cat in long working hours.

    Photos on t-shirts, mugs, magnets, caps,calendars, greeting cards, etc. are some ways. If you’re a good photographer, stock photo agencies is another option.

    A photo of my cat Peaches was spotted by a local publisher, and put on greeting cards. That image sold for over 10 years, until the small publisher went out of business. It was fun to get royalty checks! Peaches never knew how popular she was with strangers who had never met her.

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