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Does cat food contain dead cats? — 10 Comments

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    • There is evidence. Susan Thrixton of truthaboutpetfood.com is very, very accurate. There is a link to her site on this page. Please check it out. Secondly over 2 million cats are killed at shelters in the US annually. That’s a huge food resource in the eyes of the pet food industry. Do you think they’d let it go to waste? And why is it so hard to stop killing cats at shelters? Partly because it is a pet food resource.

  2. This whole topic sickens me beyond belief. I think that the usage of euthanized cats and dogs from shelters, or of shelter animals that died from any cause, needs to be banned as illegal everywhere. Period.

    • Yep, it is wrong and a distortion of what should be happening. The domestication of the cat was never meant to be like this.

  3. “And it opens the door for irresponsible cat ownership because the process provides an outlet for unwanted cats.”

    So does TNR, big time. One of the absolute worst lies ever perpetuated is that TNR is saving cats’ lives, it doesn’t. It just makes it easier for people to throw their unwanted cats under the tires of cars, and worse ways that all TNR cats inhumanely die. You don’t seem to have a problem with that though.

    • Catch-22 ye are dead dead dead wrong,I have been involved with TNR for years and my own cat colony has dwindled considerably because are passing away without any more unwanted kittens,my colony starting out back in 2006 had 34 cats and today I’m down to 7 cats unless a new one shows up and then it too gets TNRed,the only time any of my cats got killed was because cat haters and I have dealt with many and once I get in their face they back off because I wont tolerate anyone hurting my cats so ye comment is full of crap,maybe and hopefully Michael or Elisa will block ye from this site,we dont need ye kind of negativity.

      • So, let me get this straight, 27 out of 34 of your cats died heinous inhumane deaths, and you’re okay with this.

        Read any TNR discussion and you will read over and over and over again why cat colonies never die out, and the primary complaint of all TNR practitioners, because of all the people who don’t want their cats anymore dump them where they see that some fool will feed them. Until those cats get flattened under cars, poisoned, or shot to death. Seeing a TNR colony is a 1,000 ft. wide flag saying “DUMP YOUR UNWANTED CATS HERE! WE’LL FEED IT FOR YOU!” Until it gets ran-over by a car, that is.

        Yeah, you sure do love cats! Just like Ted Bundy loved women.

  4. The recent cases of finding an euthanasia drug in pet food is disturbing. This is why farm animals are butchered not euthanized.
    Like horse slaughter the only way to end it is to stop mindless breeding where the excess population finds a value on the market as cannon. This is why I advocate for mandatory S/N laws with breeder permits costing enough to discourage the backyard make a quick buck type.

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