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Does dry cat food cause vomiting?

I am surprised that somebody asked Google whether dry cat food causes feline vomiting. They have and I’m going to try and answer the question. In general dry cat food will not cause vomiting unless the cat is ill and vomiting whether she eats dry or wet food. There are many reasons why a cat might be vomiting and you can find out the reasons by clicking on this link. Remember that cats are good at vomiting and sometimes it is quite normal and natural so one shouldn’t jump to a hasty conclusion.

My cat sicked up this mess because the pellet size was tiny.

There is one reason why I think dry cat food specifically can cause a cat to vomit. In my considered opinion some dry cat food pellets are too small. Because they are too small they are not chewed and broken up by the cat. Instead, the pellets are swallowed whole in large quantities. The pellets sit in the stomach where they irritate the stomach lining causing the cat to feel nauseous whereupon he throws the whole lot up.

So, in conclusion (and there is not much more to say on the subject) dry cat food can cause a cat to vomit because the pellets are sometimes simply too small. If your cat vomits when eating dry cat food you can either (1) provide wet cat food or (2) seek out large-sized pellets such as can be found in dental care products. Manufacturers who make dry cat food to improve feline dental health make the pellets larger to force the cat to chew on them. In my opinion all pellets should be larger for the reasons stated above.

P.S. As an afterthought, if a particular batch of dry cat food is defective and contains bacteria then it may cause a cat to vomit. I think the point needs to be made but it is very rare for a batch of cat food to be recalled due to poor quality control during manufacturing.

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