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Does Facebook Make You Less Happy? — 7 Comments

  1. Michael, facebook, for the most part, has been useful for me. As far as happiness, I don’t let ANYTHING decide my happiness in life but me. . . I am able to keep in touch with family and friends. I never just read random posts on facebook. I only use the things that are my interests, plus I have mine set up so that I mainly only get posts that I want to see — mostly cat things — MOL!! ♥♥♥

  2. Good commentary (as usual) and comments. I envisioned youtube and facebook as means to find like-minded people, find information I wanted and further goals. I gave up on youtube and might on facebook, for the reasons Michael stated: that no matter how carefully I selected topics and friends, there’s otherwise too much time and energy wasted via people’s rancor, ignorance, selfishness and wrongdoing. I can’t connect with enough good people or get a message out through all that noise and chaos.

    • Hi Albert. I find that a lot of FB is hollow, meaningless chatter that does not benefit humanity. It just benefits Facebook. Then there are the points made in the article. I only use FB to try and help promote PoC. But for that I’d ignore it.

  3. While facebook can be offensive to some people who use it, i think that youtube is probably more offensive..something that one person thinks is funny, may be offensive to another person..I’m not an expert on this, but that is my experiance..?

  4. What I like about FB is that it gives me an opportunity to participate in petitions, to receive and share valuable information, to see images I would not otherwise see, to join or start groups/pages to connect with like minded people, and a way to keep up with family/friends activities.

    I always considered the word friend as something I didn’t use lightly, but FB has diluted that so much since it’s used to identify strangers. I would think that “contact” would be a better word. It seems that many people, maybe mostly youth believe that the FB friends are significant.

    Comparisons and competition are an undesirable aspect of FB, and can seriously affect those with low self esteem or vulnerability to outside judgment.
    The thing that affects my feelings most is seeing cruelty to people or animals. but this is part of the reality we live in. Exposure can be a step in affecting change.

    It is sad that FB seems to have such low standards in what they consider acceptable posts, such as animal torture. Having such a large audience may encourage more of this distorted sense of fame.

    FB is like anything else that can be seen as negative, such as guns or money. The medium is not evil, but what matters is how it’s used.

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