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Does feral cat ear-tipping need clearer guidelines and higher standards? — 4 Comments

  1. I am the coordinator/trapper for our local TNR organization…I am wits end, because the vet that does the surgeries and ear tipping is cutting way too much of the ear on most of the cats. Sadly…there is a lot of drama where I work and when the vet is disgruntled at me…the ear tipping is worse! VERY unprofessional!

    • Wow, you comment is welcome and thanks but your information is distressing. Horrible. And well-done to you for all your great work. Your information is so shocking to me that I’m going to convert your comment to an article using your photograph to illustrate that page. It is just too horrific to learn that a veterinarian does this out of spite or some other ridiculous reason.

  2. I really have gone over this many times in my mind, Michael. Thank you for examining this topic. While I understand the reason for ear-tipping, I believe that only the tiniest portion of the ear should be clipped. Personally I think that a 1 cm portion is too large. I do not know why, but this bothers me a lot. It almost seems cruel, even though I know it is not done as a pointless procedure. Sometimes I cringe when I look at pictures of these precious cats. I agree that guidelines for the ear-tipping practice are necessary. ๐Ÿ˜”

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