Does Johnny Depp own a cat or cats?

Although millions of words have been written about Johnny Depp, nearly all of which have been published on the Internet, there is not one reference to him owning a domestic cat. Therefore, he does not own a cat or cats. And he never did by the look of it. One commenter on the website said that he owned some wild cats but I don’t believe it. The statement is far too speculative. Depp’s lifestyle has been dissected over his 6-week defamation hearing against Amber Heard in Halifax, USA. He seems like an ideal candidate to be a cat or dog owner to me. He appears to have a soft character. The jury felt that his character remained affable when under the influence of drink and/or drugs.

We know that he is famous for having a couple of dogs which he illegally imported into Australia when he was filming there. As I recall, dog poop was found on the bed of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard when they were married. It was the subject matter of their recent civil hearing regarding defamation. If the dog dumped on their bed, it was due to stress which is plausible. Otherwise, it was alleged that Amber Heard placed it there. Does he still own these dogs?

Johnny Depp and one of his Yorkshire terriers at the time he was filming in Australia
Johnny Depp and one of his Yorkshire terriers at the time he was filming in Australia. Image:
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There is a photograph of him with one of his dogs at this time on the Internet which I reproduce above. With Amber Heard, he owned a couple of Yorkshire terriers called Boo and Pistol. Amber Heard pleaded guilty to falsifying an immigration document but the more serious charge of illegally importing animals was dropped.

That is pretty much the sum total of Johnny Depp and pets! I suspect that he finds it very difficult to have pets because he is away from home of a lot and even if he might want to own a companion animal, he would probably feel that it was impractical. Of course, I’m speculating. He may equally not even like cats and dogs. I just don’t know.

His extensive Wikipedia biography makes no reference whatsoever to cats. I have nothing more to say and therefore this is a short article.

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