Does Mark Zuckerberg Really Like to Hunt and Eat His Victim’s Flesh?

"Billy" the bison killed by Zuckerberg
“Billy” the bison killed by Zuckerberg, we are told.
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We know what Walter Palmer likes to do; kill the rarest and the biggest animal for his entertainment and then stick a stuffed part of the carcass on the office wall of his dental practice. A perverted individual. What some people might not realise is that as long ago as December 2011 Mark Zuckerberg, the well-known, billionaire, founder and CEO of Facebook, was developing a burgeoning taste for hunting himself.

He had started small with chickens, goats and pigs (throat slit with a knife we are told) and even a lobster but then quite quickly moved on to a bison which he had shot. He had the bison’s head affixed to the wall of a conference room favoured by his wife at the Facebook offices. He had it put up while she was away as some sort of strange gift to welcome her return, which implies that she likes hunting as well. Perhaps he is doing it to please her. Perhaps she lead him down the hunting path. Perhaps also he declared this new aspect of his life to the world on his website to present a more macho image of himself (like Putin) because he is distinctly nerdy and weedy looking.

Mark Zuckerberg and wife
Mark Zuckerberg and wife

Zuckerberg had learned to hunt having obtained a gun licence. Since that time he has been killing larger and larger animals.

Mark Zuckerberg killed the bison in September 2011. On his Facebook page at around that time he posted a photograph captioned “Bison Burgers”. He named the bison “Billy”.

The Daily Mail newspaper tells us that Mark Zuckerberg has a “personal challenge” to eat only what he kills. He also says that we should appreciate where our food comes from. I agree that we should appreciate where our food comes from and be more concerned about it but the solution is not to hunt animals and then eat them. There is no place in the world, in 2015, for hunting of any kind.

About four years has elapsed since the killing of Billy and I wonder how many other animals he has killed since then and eaten. Or perhaps he had a change of heart. We appear to have no further news about his then developing desire to kill animals. Perhaps he decided to be less open about this aspect of his life.

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9 thoughts on “Does Mark Zuckerberg Really Like to Hunt and Eat His Victim’s Flesh?”

  1. Actually, you and you ilk are trying to do exactly that. And the sheer stupidity of your argument instantly renders it invalid.

    Take your meds, TheLaw. And I know it’s hard, but try not to bore people. You’re very good at it. *Yawns*

    • I’m not trying to make you feel guilty for eating meat. But you should be aware of how you obtain any animal flesh for any of your needs, be that for yourself or your cats’ foods.

      I firmly believe that anyone who wants to buy a McBurger should be forced to shoot, skin, and butcher an animal first before they take even one bite. Then they’ll understand all the emotions involved and true value of that animal’s life. As I myself have done on many an occasion. Killing an animal should never be taken lightly. Nor should anyone be afraid to do so for any need of theirs. And if you are still that immature and afraid of reality and nature? Then you should die of starvation — or not use any animal for ANYTHING in your lives. And even vegans gas millions of animals to death yearly when anhydrous (undiluted pure liquid) 100% ammonia is pumped into all their croplands. Even vegans can’t escape the fact that they are torturing millions of animals to death yearly to stuff their gaping stupid maws with slimy tofu curds.

  2. That Mark Zuckerberg likes to hunt and place trophies on the wall, goes a long way to explaining why those types of posts (or ones involving animal cruelty) are never, ever removed from FB 🙁

    I’m not opposed to people eating meat, but I don’t understand the need to hunt animals for food or sheer pleasure. Far too many species of animal are already part of the human food chain, without adding more.

    I’d rather money were spent improving the welfare of farm animals, which would then result in a healthier meat supply for humans. Organic farming is becoming more popular for precisely those reasons.

    The uneducated shouldn’t make assumptions about the pet food industry in countries outside of the U.S.A. The standards are often much higher and in Europe roadkill and euthanised shelter pets do not make their way into the pet food chain. In most countries it’s the norm to only use animals considered fit for human consumption, because the pet food industry is a side-line business of global human food manufacturers. The organs and cuts of meat we humans traditionally don’t want to eat, go into pet food instead of food for humans.

  3. I guess you’d rather that bison are held in confined pens, living in their own feces all their lives, then led to an automated killing system; rather than let a wild native animal roam free and then dying while doing what it was born to do.

    Perhaps you should use Google to find photos of cat-food rendering-plant victims too. You are just so “holier than thou”, aren’t you. LOL

    • Why does the wild bison have to die at the hands of Zuckerberg? Yes, it is better in the wild but the animal does not have to pay a price (the right to be hunted to death) for that privilege. As usual you miss the miss the important points and your argument is too simple, too basic and frankly stupid.

  4. Does Micheal, host of PoC, (and all his visitors and supporters) like to pay others to kill animals for him so he can then feed his victim’s flesh to his cat(s)?

    Try as you might, you’ll never crawl out from that hypocriteous-rock under which you’ve so firmly wedged yourself. 🙂

    • I admit I eat meat sometimes. I wish I was a vegan but I was raised conventionally. However, livestock should be raised and killed under strict rules which are considered to be humane. Sport hunting for pleasure is completely different and hunting prey for food is simply a mask, a way of trying to justify it. These people kill for their pleasure. Also when people hunt they kill with a bullet or arrow and this if often an inhumane way of killing. You miss all these critical points which indicates to me that you are stupid.


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