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Does My Cat Need a Bath? — 3 Comments

  1. Yes I agree that healthy cats are capable self-cleaning animals. In my beginning years I often marveled at so many things about them, but especially that they smelled like clean laundry, naturally. I thought they had spit that was like their own shampoo and conditioner. I do think there are valid times when they need and appreciate a gentle water bath consisting of at least a warm wash cloth; like when they’re completely filthy, covered with motor oil, pollutants or other toxic substance and just stuff they really shouldn’t ingest. Can we agree that sometimes the very old or sick ones who can’t clean themselves and are soaked with urine and diarrhea need a little help. I’m no expert but I’d recommend using as little soap as possible and rinse thoroughly, and they should not go outside again for a long time, until they (or another cat) give them a good going over with their own magic saliva.

    Hmm, just thought of a joke name for human shampoo… Cat Spit. I’d buy it.

  2. I have had numerous cats for around 60 years and have only felt the need to bathe any, maybe on 6 occasions.
    Circumstance that I felt warranted bathing included rolling around in a dead, flat frog in the road, being sprayed by a civet cat (our version of skunk), etc. In other words, only extreme circumstances warranted bathing.
    Cats are self cleaning beings.

  3. Banfield also mutilate & cripple cats by declawing them, so obviously no one should follow any advice they give, ever. Better still, don’t take any companion species there.

    I like my cats to smell like the cats that they are. They smell differently, even to my de-evolved, human nose.

    Dry cat paws on a warm day, smell wonderful.

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