Does the cat brush LICKI play into the hands of cat haters?

I have a strong feeling that the cat product called LICKI which allows people to ‘lick’ their cat plays into the hands of cat haters. They see it as a justification of their viewpoint that cat lovers are crazy. Look at this video. It does look a bit crazy. I does to me anyway and I almost feel embarrassed for the guy in it. And he is holding the cat like a baby.

You grip the product with your teeth and brush your cat. It is probably effective and it is meant to simulate the licking of one cat by another cat. looks a bit weird and it pretends that humans are cats. I don’t want to be negative about this product but cat haters call cat lovers ‘cat lickers’. And here are humans licking their cats. Even the name is a bit odd incorrect as it is a brush.

Cat hating trolls such as Woody (Woodsman001) will have a field day. Message to Woody: don’t comment as it won’t be read and it will be deleted.

Also I don’t believe people have to lick their cat with an artificial tongue for their cat to enjoy it. A brush in the in the hand is as good.

I guess the intention is to give the cat the impression that cat owners are cats. However, we don’t even know that cats see us as cats and we don’t have to reinforce that possibility because I don’t see a benefit in it.

The LICKI is gimmicky. It is designed to appeal to cat lovers in their desire to please their cat and strengthen the bond between them and their cat. Fair enough. However, we don’t want to give cat haters ammunition to declare to the world that people who like cats are all crazy because they like to lick their cats.

It is only people like me who have to deal with cat hating trolls on a daily basis who can see the downside to this product. I am sure the manufacturers had no idea that it might lead to ridicule.

Apparently it was started with crowdfunding money of over $50k. So a lot of cat owners liked it and wanted to share in its success. I wish it could be a success but they have missed the weakness of this novel concept: it reinforces the crazy cat lady image.

6 thoughts on “Does the cat brush LICKI play into the hands of cat haters?”

  1. The only product I have ever seen that rivals this ( for animals ) is a set of fake horse ears so you could convey your emotions to your steed with ear gestures. It had a set of strings attached which were operated much like a puppet.
    Putting a tongue extension on to lick your cat actually surpasses that in asinine human thoughts on how animals communicate.

  2. That is an idiotic contraption. When I brush my furbabies, I use a brush and my hand. I like to feel them and I think they like it, too as they lean into the brush and my hand. At times I use both hands rather than a brush.

  3. Frances, I wouldn’t purchase it either. It’s ridiculous and insulting to cats and their staff.

    Besides, my cats would never like it. They prefer to participate in the brushing by rubbing against me and chewing on the brush. Can’t happen with this silly contraption.

    Just my two-cents worth. 🙂


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