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Does the cat brush LICKI play into the hands of cat haters? — 6 Comments

  1. The only product I have ever seen that rivals this ( for animals ) is a set of fake horse ears so you could convey your emotions to your steed with ear gestures. It had a set of strings attached which were operated much like a puppet.
    Putting a tongue extension on to lick your cat actually surpasses that in asinine human thoughts on how animals communicate.

  2. That is an idiotic contraption. When I brush my furbabies, I use a brush and my hand. I like to feel them and I think they like it, too as they lean into the brush and my hand. At times I use both hands rather than a brush.

  3. Frances, I wouldn’t purchase it either. It’s ridiculous and insulting to cats and their staff.

    Besides, my cats would never like it. They prefer to participate in the brushing by rubbing against me and chewing on the brush. Can’t happen with this silly contraption.

    Just my two-cents worth. 🙂

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