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Does the city of Waco have the answer to pet overpopulation? — 19 Comments

    • You got that right. I thought all they knew to do in Texas was for police to be trained to shoot family dogs and get away with it.

      • I know that Cindy, here, is from Houston, so I don’t want to offend.
        But, Texas seems to be a country unto itself. Their gun laws, alone, are crazy. I just read that it is perfectly legal there for a man to shoot and kill a prostitute who takes his money but doesn’t “deliver”.
        A piece to the puzzle of Jimbo (Woody).

        • I have family in the Mt. Pleasant area. Titus and Grayson area. Whole crazy Taylor line went there back in the 1880’s.

          As for the dog shootings, I made a new cop friend. He’s challenging the dog shootings in Texas from his home in Florida. The cop involved has already looked up and made public his information with veiled threats to burn down his house. I have such interesting friends on the dog side.

  1. As much as I talk to people about neutering their pets to stop the reproducing along with the health benefits, I am against mandatory spay neuter laws. Anyone else?

  2. What a wonderful loophole for cat-hoarders.

    “Hey! All those cats are TNR cats! They’re not mine!”

    Not to mention that TNR cat-hoarders don’t have their cats sterilized either. They just trap cats now and clip one ear with scissors to protect them from being euthanized by the state. I have absolute proof of this.

    Do you really think everyone else is as stupid as you people? Responsible people will still have to destroy all your free-roaming cats for you.

  3. You know me. I am an advocate of some legislation to force an improvement in cat ownership. It is needed because too many cat owners are not quite up to scratch and their irresponsibility dramatically affects cat welfare generally – unwanted cats being the biggest problem.

    So bring it on I say. Forcing up standards of cat caretaking will also help to silence the cat haters like Woody.

    • I think Jimbo would hate cats even if every other person on earth loved them. Just a hunch.

      Anyway, now that I know he fantacises over the idea of Jackson Galaxy being peed on it’s very hard to take him seriously. It was hard enough already but the whole ‘in the closet’ repressed homophobe thing is hard to ignore.

      Regardless, the city of Waco seems to have the right idea. Clearly when you get a majority of animal lovers in government you also get the possibility of change for the better. Florida is close to having that majority I believe, with the governor, or the last governor trying to pass bills to help rescue orgaizations take in cats and dogs from the pound (‘shelter’) which is very hard because the pounds don’t want the animals to live so they just ,ake it hard to extract animals from their deadly grip so to speak. But the bill gets blocked each year because that majority doesn’t yet exist I presume.

      One day it will be like Waco everywhere – so it should be – laws are needed to protect animals from humans.

      • You would have been shocked at his defamatory comment (perhaps not 😉 ) on the other Galaxy page. I had to delete it to protect the website. His bile leaks out of him.

        Unfortunately people in general need a kick up the backside to improve standards of cat care. They only way is through legislation that is well enforced.

  4. It sounds good to me. Our UK Cats Protection are trying to get compulsory neutering and micro chipping for all pet cats nationwide. It would solve a lot of unwanted kittens problems and also people kicking cats out, because they could be traced back to them.
    As you say, irresponsible people will ensure the species don’t die out, so it’s all good really.

  5. This is definitely a step in the right direction. I do think it will help — providing residents follow it!! Sounds VERY reasonable to me. . .

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