Does this make you look at cows differently?

Cow and cat are best friends.

I am always interested in how humans tend to underestimate the intelligence and skills of their fellow animals. Cows are well down the list. We tend to be kinder and more sympathetic towards animals which we believe are more intelligent.

We probably think of cows as a meal or as a milk producer and provider of leather. However, PeTA says they are intelligent with a good memory. They have their own characters too.

Cows develop friendships and interact socially. They mourn the loss of fellow cows and offspring. There are many reports we are told of cows searching for their young after they have been sent for slaughter.

The video supports these observations. If we are making presumptions about the intelligence of cows it might be wise to rethink.

The video also reminds us how cats are very open to friendships with different animal species. The domestic cat is quite a sociable creature.

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5 thoughts on “Does this make you look at cows differently?”

  1. I love all animals (should I qualify? Is a snake considered an animal? I don’t hate my son’s snake, but I’m not fond of it).

    I think the intellect of farm animals is underestimated. They are very sweet and loving for the most part. And, they have incredible memory.

    On my grandparent’s farm, I was especially fond of the pigs. They were playful and followed me around.

    I know that I relayed this before, but at the age of about 10, I stopped eating pork and beef after witnessing my grandfather slaughtering a hog. Back then, parents didn’t have the insight to know how seeing that sight would affect a kid. To me, they were pets and I loved them.

    1. I am with you on this. We undervalue farm animals and see them as meat but they have all the usual emotions and intelligence of other animals. For farmers they are probably commercial assets rather than feeling beings.

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I’ve always loved cows, I don’t see them as meat, milk or leather providers, I see them as I see other ‘food’ animals, sad that they are born only to die, their lives taken from them to satisfy humans.
    At our old home we had at one time cows in the field behind our garden and our cat Kitty would sit on the fence and ‘socialise’ with the cows, she had the sense not to get under their feet, it was lovely to see.
    All species of animals are beautiful if you get to know them and they are deserving to live their lives, they are not to eat, use or abuse, but sadly many humans think they are superior and see cows as cows, not each individual cow with feelings very much like ours but purer.

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