Does tinfoil scare cats?

This is a question about domestic cats. In general, tinfoil does scare cats. In my view it is because of the noise tinfoil makes when handled plus the texture and the unknown quantities and qualities of the material which can make domestic cats anxious. They may get used to it and some individual cats won’t be bothered. The cat in the photograph on this page is one of those cats. It is living proof that not all domestic cats are scared of tinfoil.

Cat sites on tin foil

Cat sites on tin foil. Photo: (user: u/elf533)

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It is the same story: we need to treat domestic cats as individuals with their own characters. We should avoid stereotyping domestic cats. On one website they state that domestic cats like tinfoil and the noise it makes. They say that domestic cats like to play with tinfoil balls but they shouldn’t because they might bite pieces off and swallow them. Therefore, it is dangerous to use tinfoil as a cat toy. I personally find what they say preposterous.

Cat's extreme reaction to tin foil

Cat’s extreme reaction to tin foil

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Cats don’t like the noise. Everyone knows that in general domestic cats either at least dislike or hate tinfoil. And it can only be because of its strange or unknown appearance, the way it feels under their feet and most importantly the noise it makes. After all, the most outstanding feature of tinfoil is the noise it makes when it is handled. Common sense, to me, dictates that this is the feature of tinfoil which is most likely to create anxiety in domestic cats.

The video below is illustrative of domestic cats’ reaction to the stuff.

There is nothing more to say so I will keep this article very short. Below are some more articles about anxiety in domestic cats. The first is about sounds causing a neurologic response:

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