Does US reality star Ryan Edwards hate and kill cats or is he just trying to get attention?

I had never heard of Ryan Edwards until know. He was the fiancé of Maci Bookout (great name!) who was one of four stars of the USA reality TV show 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom. It appears to be a show which explores teenage motherhood and the pressures that come from it. Ryan showed indifference to Maci’s pregnancy. The pressures of the relationship ended it and they never married.

Ryan Edwards with guns
Ryan Edwards with guns
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So Ryan is vicariously a reality TV star and celebrity being associated with Maci. If I have that wrong please tell me.

The interesting thing about this story is that Ryan appears to be a bad egg who has bragged that he has killed cats all over social media. Apparently he has posted photos of dead cats on Instagram and bragged that he killed them.

However, he says he does not kill cats; he was just seeking attention. Does that sound smelly to you? It does to me. And to others…

Ryan is being investigated by the Humane Educational Society (HES). They claim to have good evidence that he has wantonly and maliciously killed “animals” (does this mean cats and other animals?) at his Tennessee home.

Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards

HES obtained a search warrant and police and animal control have searched his home. They found animal remains we are told and cat food. Sounds more fishy?

The director of HES, Bob Citrullo, made an excellent point:

“If you have a cat problem, you don’t put food all over the place…” – implying he was deliberately attracting cats to his home to kill them.

“He’s saying he made it up and was just doing it to build hype … He didn’t think he’d get this much aggravation out of it..”

“….it’s safe to say that he was luring the animals onto his property to kill them.”

Edwards' guns
One of Edwards’ guns

Citrullo made another interesting point. He says that feral cats fall between the protection the law grants to companion animals and livestock and therefore implies that it may be legal to kill feral cats. I disagree strongly. He needs to read the law.

Ryan Edwards, we are told, has bragged about killing cats for the purposes of stopping them from vandalising his home and car.

“Use to be the cat hang out but I have been putting them down with the ol’ air rifle…” (Ryan’s comment on FB or Twitter)

He has not apologised for his allegedly violent actions; worse – he liked the comments of horrified followers. I am afraid that if this is true he is one of them: a cat hater and killer. They have a certain personality profile and his fits.

Ryan said:

“When they start living under you [sic] house and having 100 babies that scratch your car and boat and piss on everything and get into your garbage let me know,” he wrote.

“Lol and you can go to jail for vandalizing people’s property and trespassing so I guess I’ll call the cops next time lol. Like you ppl are stupid.”

Sounds like Woody, our darling cat hating troll who takes pleasure in the mass killing of cats and it does not matter if they are stray, feral or domestic.


5 thoughts on “Does US reality star Ryan Edwards hate and kill cats or is he just trying to get attention?”

  1. Sadly, Pee-poles like Ryan give everyone who owns or likes guns a very bad name. Evil hearts commit evil acts. Never should the tools be to blame for the crimes.

  2. It doesn’t matter if he is or is only seeking attention. It simply promotes cat hate and is fully acceptable. If he posted pictures of dead dogs and bragged he’d been killing them a SWAT team would be knocking his door down.
    I don’t like dogs. I especially don’t care for the pits bulls and other aggressive breeds. I don’t own one and I don’t visit homes that have one on the property. At the same time it would never occur to me to take pictures of dead ones and claim I had killed them. I am against all animal abuse. This mentality about cats is why Lindsey thought she could post a picture of Tiger with an arrow through his head without consequences. Even more tragic coming from a veterinarian than a piece of white trash.

  3. Loser. Totally narcissistic, and morally bankrupt like most of today’s youth – by proxy no less. He wants it both ways, to be irrefutably notorious… but not really? No, just not suffer any consequences, like all the dead animals piling up around him. It’s just as bad to fake and promote something so heinous, because it encourages others to do it. Courage is not any part of this either. We need to find heros who rescue and care for animals, especially cats, and build them up with high acclaim.


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