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Does US reality star Ryan Edwards hate and kill cats or is he just trying to get attention? — 5 Comments

  1. Sadly, Pee-poles like Ryan give everyone who owns or likes guns a very bad name. Evil hearts commit evil acts. Never should the tools be to blame for the crimes.

  2. It doesn’t matter if he is or is only seeking attention. It simply promotes cat hate and is fully acceptable. If he posted pictures of dead dogs and bragged he’d been killing them a SWAT team would be knocking his door down.
    I don’t like dogs. I especially don’t care for the pits bulls and other aggressive breeds. I don’t own one and I don’t visit homes that have one on the property. At the same time it would never occur to me to take pictures of dead ones and claim I had killed them. I am against all animal abuse. This mentality about cats is why Lindsey thought she could post a picture of Tiger with an arrow through his head without consequences. Even more tragic coming from a veterinarian than a piece of white trash.

  3. Loser. Totally narcissistic, and morally bankrupt like most of today’s youth – by proxy no less. He wants it both ways, to be irrefutably notorious… but not really? No, just not suffer any consequences, like all the dead animals piling up around him. It’s just as bad to fake and promote something so heinous, because it encourages others to do it. Courage is not any part of this either. We need to find heros who rescue and care for animals, especially cats, and build them up with high acclaim.

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