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Does your cat do the 4am cat crazies? — 4 Comments

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  2. The drive to do this is driven by the primal need to stretch, leap and climb.
    You should be here when all four of mine do the 4AM crazies. It doesn’t bother me or frustrate me in any way. I hear my cats having a riotous good time.
    It is important that any cat learn to play alone as well as with their guardian and other cats. Try leaving some special toy he likes really well out only at bedtime. Or do what I do, Keep a few laser pointers in the beside drawer. I mean serious you don’t even have to be fully conscious to do that for 10-15 mins.
    I don’t feel guilty they finish their zooming and the bed fills up with wonderful cuddly cats.
    I compare the crazies to how we feel when our bodies make us restless because we need to get up and move and stretch and just do something.

    • I really wanted to add you are projecting your feelings onto your cat and making him upset about something he’s not worried about. You are an excellent guardian and you have a great relationship with your cat. I don’t see the zoomies as play time it’s something inside the cat that drives them to use every muscle in their body at once. They are hunters by nature.

  3. Michael, I would say that you are an excellent Cat Dad. We cannot help being humans. Cats cannot help being cats. Those of us that love cats strive to find the happy medium. 😎💜💜🐾

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